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  1. Hi! Do you have a download link for the Sao Paulo Show in 1080p? Happy new year!

  2. That was stellar! What an unbelievable experience!! I loved how they picked two of my top three fave songs to say as theirs. Don't Panic and Daylight. Hell yeah!
  3. Guess what arrived today?? In a beaten up box, I received my Secret Santa from Linus. Woo hoo!! It is waaaay cool; I really love it, thank you so much!! Here's hoping the others get their surprises soon!
  4. Yay, I'm glad it got there Celien! I hope you have (and everyone has) a very Merry Christmas!!
  5. LOL! Chris singing at a wedding is weird to me, but it's always good to see that face, so whatever! Thanks for the warning gai...whew. This man is going to kill me one day.
  6. This song is my favorite on the album. I think they lyrics are stellar (even though there are a few tiny question marks on what they exactly say). I can't stop listening to it!
  7. I'm sorry some are having trouble; it's working here, and I hope you are able to hear it. ALTHOUGH I apologize for the chat room boops (until I clicked out of it) and the words across the bottom! I had some technical difficulties and then had to rush to get it recording. Messy recording, but at least it's there.
  8. I haven't read through everything, but I recorded it if you guys need it. http://www.mediafire.com/watch/42c7wlj8mfq5w8p/iHeartRadio_Album_Release_Party__19_May_2014.wmv
  9. I love it too! Awesome!! And Dianne, I read that too. haha! After all, who wouldn't want to lick his face?
  10. I will be at the 9:00 p.m. show, leaving tomorrow traveling. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Love the pics and reviews everyone, and the merch is awesome. Sooooo looking forward to NYC...
  12. Awww, I think it is probably new. And Portobello Road Market is in London if I'm not mistaken, right?
  13. Yeah, it's worth a double posting
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