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  1. I think it's crazy that every album everyone says "oh no coldplay is pop", or "I hate the sound". Like I get that people can have opinions, but really the sound has been pop for a gazillion albums, and also overall their pop sound is pretty worked out what it is. I would imagine they aim for this to be Like Every Tear Drop is. Waterfall in terms of how pivotable it will be for them as a band to reveal. The clip is way to small to gage the overall feel of the track.
  2. Up against the Paradise video this has to be one of my favrioute ones Coldplay has done. Amazing.
  3. Really liked the Clocks to Fix You change over. Would there be a way to watch the superbowl half time show for non Americans?
  4. Should of been like Can't Catch Me. Avchii can do stuff which isn't the typical mainstream over mixed crap, so why did he do it for Ture Believer?
  5. Hey guys I found the new Coldplay song. http://www.metrolyrics.com/enjoy-the-silence-lyrics-depeche-mode.html Can we seriously stop saying "NEW LYRICS" and go back to conspiracy talk on why the performance was bad.
  6. Maybe they realized how shit the crowd is and called off a new song.
  7. Bring back Sam whatever his name was, is what it is.
  8. They need to figure out if the audience is worthy first. So playing Viva La Vida.
  9. So we are expecting new stuff at some point or are we just here for the Coldplay? I can dig both, I just need to know what I'm up for.
  10. There is like some secret coldplay calling cult right? I didn't even know this was on and I found myself here at the right time.
  11. He should learn and play the violin.
  12. Don't forget its not the full concert its just the Ghost Stories part. Which is pretty weird. I loved it when it aired, so I'll get the Bluray and pump out Ghost Stories on my sound system (I really can't stand DVD quality, why do people buy DVDs of Music, both visually and audioily its horrible). But anyway.
  13. Good news for Australians, JB has it now for $21 on their site. Sanity expects news sometime today.
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