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  1. Lol, in the third picture, I am the guy on the far left.
  2. So after way too long uploading, here's my video of the concert intro on Friday night, from 6th row. Enjoy! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnZGoZ9_zIM]Coldplay @ The Xcel Energy Center (Back to the Future / Mylo Xyloto / Hurts Like Heaven) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I have 6th row video of the opening (back to the future thru hlh) that is in awesome quality. Im going to get it up on youtube tomorrow as I have to adjust the bass slightly.
  4. I've been hearing people mention that it is live versions of the songs on the record; is this true? Or is it just the album cuts?
  5. MY GOD. I swear if Coldplay don't play the Olympics this year, there will be hell to pay!
  6. Is there any hd video of Charlie Brown? Im in america, and we can't see the britvevo page. the only ones on youtube all have the audio off horribly.
  7. And another thing, after the Grammy performance, Paradise shot up to 6-8 on iTunes top 100 and stayed there, and Mylo Xyloto was at #3 for the better part of the week. So while I'm bummed they didn't do Charlie Brown, at least Paradise and the album got sales.
  8. I think the problem is that Adele appeals to women. And not just women under 30, but ALL women. Im not trying to be hateful or anything, but it seems to me that the women of the world have all banded together to buy the cd, because it has such wide appeal to them. Coldplay has a large following and such, but i feel this record is targeted at the teen/college rebellious crowd (where I am) a lot more than their other records. They are going to sell to them rather than the older people from A Rush of Blood to the Head era, who are now buying Adele. Just my view on it.
  9. Translation, itsItalian: Breaking news: an extract of the official video of Charlie Brown will be published 1 February on Vevo tomorrow, ColdplayTV and on the Facebook pages and Twitter of the band, while the entire paper clip will be returned the 3 famous through the same multimedia channels. The video will last 5 minutes and 3 second ones. Super fast translation through a computer program. But you get the gist. And 5 min and 3 seconds. DECENT.
  10. In all honesty, I think that this is the fairest review. He explains WHY he thought it was a 7, and went into detail about its strengths and weaknesses. I really appreciate that, although I never expected Pitchfork to give it a 7. That was a shock in itself. I love the album, and I appreciate all that it did. A lot of people/reviewers are complaining that it sounds too pop and Bieberish, but honestly, that is their competition, and they now will have to fight to stay relevant in the future. And not all pop is bad, theres really good pop. Coldplay has managed to explore pop while still remaining Coldplay, just like the reviewer said. On iTunes it has a 4.5/5 rating based on 7000 reviews. Apparently they are doing something right. In my opinion, its a 9 or 10. Im just glad that there was at least one major reviewer who understood what Coldplay was doing, and appreciated it.
  11. Ok. This is my opinion. Not fact. Just what I think. Mylo Xyloto - I really liked how the live version sounded, but I love how as the track continues, It begins to grow and layers are added until HLH. Like how an orchestra begins/waking from sleep/the INTRO. Hurts Like Heaven- The live version was my favorite song of this era leading up to the album leak. And when I listened to the album version... They seemed to tone the guitar part back Chris has a voice effect/autotune on?!!?!?!?! What happened to my favorite song?!?! I was upset. Then I listened to it again. And again. And through a loud speaker system. And slowly my mind has been changed. Im still a little hurt, but I think that it is redeeming itself each play. Paradise - Awesome bass intro. Pretty good. Despite what others say. Charlie Brown - Pretty epic, but it took a bit of time to grow on me at first. Better than live version. Should get good radio play if Coldplay plays their cards right. Also love the Peanuts bit at the end. Us Against the World- Pretty much as I expected, but the organ is more prevalent now. Very good, as was the live version. M.M.I.X. / Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - The first is an extended intro to etiaw. I know not many people liked etiaw, but i love it. Major Minus - Still good. Though it took a little while to grow on me at first. UFO- Calming. Thats the word that describes it. Much like Parachutes. And very much appreciated. Princess of China- Holy Shit! That's Rhianna?! I knew her voice was going to sound different, but geez. Lol, I like it. I think it does work, even if she overpowers Chris in the song. And that bass line is a beast! Must listen to it with a very good bass system, or the magic is lost. Up in Flames- I didn't really like the live version at ACL, but I really like the studio version. I like how simple it is, and his falsetto Up in flames chorus isn't as annoying to me as I thought it would be. A Hopeful Transmission + Dont Let it Break Your Heart + Up With the Birds - I group these three together because they are essentially all one giant 8 minute finale. That said... HOLY SHIT! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?! Not only is it amazing, but it is one of the best finales to an album I have ever heard. Absolute perfection. A Hopeful Transmission is a redux of Mylo Xyloto, with (spoons?/Percussion?) in the background, which is joined by a heartbeat halfway through, giving way to DONT LET IT BREAK YOUR HEART. This is the absolute standout of the album. It combines Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Piano, Synth, and all five Coldplay albums together into a massive song. It sounds like Coldplay from Parachutes to Mylo Xyloto, rocking out with massive synths and one of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard. There have been comparisons to U2's city of blinding lights, and its true, there is resemblance; but this is so much better. This could be song of the year, depending on how they play their cards. At the end, synths and the heartbeat of A Hopeful Transmission comes back in, segueing to Up With the Birds. Starting with Piano and Chris, then building to a massive orchestra of strings. But then it stops. It begins to fade. And it comes back, guitar, piano, drums, bass, and strings. Rising to the perfect moment of happiness and hope. Where good things are coming my way. And then it fades out, calmly, with a piano. And it ends perfectly. Liked - The finale. Absolutely amazing. Rhianna didn't suck. Awesomeness all around. Disliked - The changes from live to studio on HLH. Slowly I am beginning to like them more and more. A lot of electronic that may put off a lot of Old Coldplayers, but don't worry: its not as bad as you think. Overall - Very good. I can't give enough praise to the finale. Just wow. Not all Coldplayers will be happy with the change, but change happens. And its good. 10/10
  12. I think it's a really great song. My jaw dropped when Rihanna's line came in. Can't believe her singing. Really great. However, my assumptions were true: This will be the song that divides Coldplay's fan base in half. At least the fans who have been around since Parachutes.
  13. lol, no I know my music. and my coldplay. Its not paradise or anything Coldplay. Its an older one, my guess from the bit in the 90's where Alterna-Brit-Pop was making a comeback (it could be older than that, but I'm thinking somewhere in the 90's). I would say its more of a brit-rock song, and has a man singing. Theres more lyrics that I can't remember (it may sound kinda distorted), but the chorus has oohing (maybe a few other words, but the oohing is the most prevalent part).
  14. So I have a question that is and isn't about Coldplay. You see, I was watching Coldplay live @ Austin City Limits on youtube, and their set ended, causing the channel to go into a ACL logo/highlight thing. (What they do to bridge each set/act). Anyways, my question is about the song they played then. I know the ACL was a while ago, but does anyone remember what song it may have been? Its kind of a popular song (i.e. i have heard it on more than one occasion), and the band sounds British. The chorus goes, woo-oo-oo-oo, woo-oo-oo-oo! and has a horn section in the background. NO, it isn't song 2 by blur. I know this for sure. Does anyone have even the slightest idea of what song this may be? (That isn't Song 2!) Or even songs that go woo-oo-oo-oo, woo-oo-oo-oo! and has a horn section in the background for the chorus? Thanks. It's been killing me attempting to figure out the song.
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