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  1. I'm pretty sure people found lyrics on MX disappointing when those songs came out, now it's happening all over again. I'm guessing the purpose of such vague lyrics and repetition is to draw attention to the arrangements which will hopefully be more fleshed out in the studio version. I've seen quite a lot of disapproval of the mention of tv in a song - I don't know, I mean, television has been around for quite a while and became a very regular part of everyday life? I'd understand more if it was something like 'podcast' or 'Bluetooth'. Nearly the only thing I disliked is that the song co
  2. They can wear whatever they want as long as Chris ditches those shoes... :rolleyes: Kidding (almost) aside I loved how the stage outfits inspired fans to create their own versions, both in Viva and MX eras. I've seen amazing clothes made by people and had fun looking for items myself. If they go black and white and casual, I won't mind. I'll just spend way more time in front of the wardrobe thinking of a gig outfit like for any other band.
  3. Let's all watch until it's blocked! :wideeyed: (P.S. good to be back here even for god knows how long)
  4. As I've told Ellen while she's restraining herself from listening, Atlas is like a beautiful lightweight dessert.
  5. I'm sure it's because of the Titan from Greek mythology called Atlas who is often pictured carrying the world on his shoulders.
  6. I don't think so but Taylor Swift made one for Safe & Sound. Chris likes both artists, I reckon :D
  7. I think it's going to be a stand alone song, not the start of the new era, just like Christmas Lights was. Anyway, exciting! :dance:
  8. Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend
  9. Louis, Jason Regler's son just posted this photo on instagram, tagged with 'today'. link Quite frankly, this upsets me. I'm pretty sure that picture was taken without permission and Coldplay wouldn't want us to see inside the studios if they're not putting it up themselves. If there's a problem with privacy, I think fans waiting around the Bakery aren't the biggest concern. Rant over. :escaping2:
  10. ^ Heh, suprantu tave, aš tai vėl susiplanavau visą smagumą rudeniui, o vasarą užsispaudus sėdėsiu. Egzaminų rezultatų irgi laukiu. Pasirodo, pirmadinienį NECas paskelbė datą, kada paskelbs, kada bus pranešti anglų rezultatai. Makes sense, ane? :lol:
  11. Might not be actually related, but Foals recently released the video for their single Bad Habit and I saw a comment on facebook that 'they sound like Coldplay now'. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khQG7t9pzmo]Foals - Bad Habit (official video) - YouTube[/ame] I'm rarely the one to wish one band sounded like another, but I definitely thought it'd be great if Coldplay sounded something like that again.
  12. Last night I remembered that Princess of China exists and sort of :facepalm:
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