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  1. Great covers! I especially like the Lovers In Japan one, excellent work!
  2. I like it! Sounds professional and a bit like cruising a highway in Florida, if that's some concrete description, lol. Interesting voice, and great to be honest. Now for some criticism... I hear in some parts that yes, it is Coldplay-inspired, which is good of course. This song tends to lean more to the pop-side though and is something I can imagine hearing on radio for a summer and then disappear. Now, that criticism might seem hard, but it isn't :). I often feel bad giving criticism but it's easier to do even better if you know what to aim for. It's just how I listen to music, a mor
  3. I like it! Can't say I find anything to criticize really:) Also, really impressed of how you can sing that well down low. I myself struggle a bit with the lower bass singing.
  4. Hey! So I recently stumbled upon [ame= ] [/ame] which is great by the way. Bassline is easy to figure out but I'm having some problems with Will's guitar and the electric guitar in the chorus (not sure if it's Jonny or Guy). I think Will is playing a variation of Gm and F. Followed by C#m Bb or something. Can't remember right now since I'm not at home. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I like it! Only small problem is the middle-eight, it's hard to do I guess and I think your falsetto needs some more training. Besides that, I really love the acoustic feel this version gives. Good job!
  6. Good job! I'm not a piano player so cannot comment too much on your playing. I think it sounded great though! :)
  7. Talk is amazing! Really! Once the guitars and vocals kicked in i was like :shocked2: Good job!
  8. Sorry, still new to all these abbrevations... LiJ? Nevermind, I guess LiJ is Lovers in Japan.
  9. Aah, I sure felt some Trent Reznor vibes in there.:) Once again, awesome work!
  10. Truly amazing! I recognize some parts of the drums, can't say from where though...
  11. Sounds special with a brit accent :) Nonetheless, love the guitar! Your singing is okay, chorus is better than verse. I too find it hard to sing in my lows. With that said, I think you're doing a good job, it's a really hard song to sing perfectly. No one can do it as good as Justin. :)
  12. I thought Us Against The World was EADF#BE. How do you play it?
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