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  1. Just acoustic and remix versions of Higher Power. https://tower.jp/item/5237279/ミュージック・オブ・ザ・スフィアーズ
  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. Why not put the entire galaxy/nebula (or whatever it's supposed to be) on the artwork? It seems like it could be some kind of bridge for what's coming next, maybe?
  3. Just listened to the leak. Overall I think it's quite catchy, there are some nice guitars (they are actually pretty noticeable in the mix, at least on the first part of the song), and the drums sound much better than most of the pop songs they've released. In my opinion, this is one of their best collaborations, it's not cringeworthy as PoC, HFTW or SJLT (hate that song). With all of this being said, I still don't think they need to do this kind of stuff. I wouldn't mind if they released this song as a separate single or something like that, it's not a bad song, but Coldplay is a great ba
  4. So, Music Of The Spheres (vol 1) coming out on October. Does that mean we should expect vol 2 next year?
  5. I think it's about time we get one, it's been 3 months and way too many HP remixes.
  6. Only half an hour to go! This era has so much work put into it, it's almost impossible not to be excited! (I'm back in this site after almost a decade😂)
  7. So the leaked snippet confirms that the leaked lyrics are real. Chris can be heard singing "... infinity inside your eyes" before the korean section.
  8. They added a new date due to tickets being sold out! April 1st here I come!
  9. My favorite album is AROBTTH, but I think Viva La Vida is their masterpiece. It's just so solid as an album and the songs are definitely the most artsy they've ever done.
  10. They're sounding so amazing live, I'm so sad I didn't get tickets for the Argentina concert :(
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