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  1. They added a new date due to tickets being sold out! April 1st here I come!
  2. My favorite album is AROBTTH, but I think Viva La Vida is their masterpiece. It's just so solid as an album and the songs are definitely the most artsy they've ever done.
  3. They're sounding so amazing live, I'm so sad I didn't get tickets for the Argentina concert :(
  4. lol I know that, but I've been on and off since 2008 and it changed a lot since then, that's what I meant!
  5. Wow, this forum really changed since I joined, I feel old now! Looks nice though!
  6. This is exactly what I thought of when I first saw it! I couldn't help but thinking about how Chris said AHFOD was the end of an era. Maybe this picture represents that? I don't think it's pure coincidence they chose a very similar picture to the one they used on Parachutes booklet. But who knows. :thinking:
  7. I listened to the album a few times now and I have to say I'm really disappointed on how Up&Up was produced. I was so excited to listen to the studio version of the song because it did sound like it had lots of potential of becoming a classic Coldplay song. It should have been way more stripped down, the first chorus just misses something. This should be a song where the chorus gives you chills, and it just fails to do so, at least for me. I wish they had left it as the live version, but oh well, I guess I'll have to get used to it. It does get better towards the end, Noel Gallagher came to save the day! God, that man can do nothing wrong. It's still a very nice song, but this is what bothered me the most from the entire album. The rest of the album is more or less what I expected, it's good, but nothing great. AHFOD, Everglow, AOAL, Amazing Day are great. I still can't really understand Birds, I know it's a good song but for some reason it just doesn't stay in my head. HFTW is a catchy pop song, something I would listen to on the radio on a summer day or going to the club with friends, but it's definitely not something I needed in a Coldplay album. Fun it's okay, I think it will grow on me but for now it just doesn't stand out for me. I like Kaleidoscope but I think they could have explored it a little more, you know? Like do something more with it, add some lyrics, a chorus, I dunno. X Marks The Spot it's just what. I couldn't help but laugh at "you make my heart boom boom boom boom"... seriously? Overall, I think it's a good album, it will surely grow on me but for the moment I'll give it a 7/10. It's better than Mylo Xyloto but it's still far away from VLVODAAHF or AROBTTH.
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