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  1. Hey guys, this is a song with many influences, but as you can tell from the title, Coldplay is a big one. Though, I discuss the song in detail in the link. I will say that I've worked on this song, on and off, for 2 years. So I'm super nervous about what people think, but here's why I really made this song.. I live in Alabama.. in the US. People here are, mostly older people here are.. conservative. They exist in a simpler time. I have friends and family that are almost gearing for war, stocking on guns, etc.. It's just sad because their reaction to gun violence is to get more gun
  2. From what I've seen from Tom's replies on twitter is that they never really broke up. They're just taking a break while he does some solo work that he thinks will help during his recovery process. As far as my favorites.. On a Day Like Today.. that song is just structured so right. It builds and builds.. beautiful. And there's many more ..Bedshaped is up there. They've made some great albums. Strangeland, I love that whole album.
  3. Yeah, I can't believe I didn't hear it in the video. In all fairness, it was after I had only heard the song one time. So, I feel this is probably the only collection of songs I could maybe use to win over a Radiohead fan with. I mean.. there's a ton of us that are fans of both.. but we all know a few Radiohead fans that hate everything about Coldplay. And what's weird is ..this seems to be one of the first collection of songs that were assembled much like a Radiohead album- with some songs dug way from the past. I'm glad they waited.. it did have a more organic MX sound to it o
  4. Ok.. since VLV ..hasn't Eno worked with them for every album (other than AHFOD)? I imagine some of the blowback from reviewers/fans of AHFOD has scared Coldplay back into Eno's arms. Luckily for all our sakes.
  5. I mean.. if you go back to the 2nd page of this thread, I think. I comment how I believe this song was going to be about this very thing. And how it was just a cheeky joke to use the A L I E N S spacing. (Which I also love)
  6. Totally disagree. I've always been so dumbfounded by Coldplay fan's love of 1- that song VLV, and 2- that album VLV. Do I like jamming to the live version of Lost? Uh, yeah. Do I like Strawberry Swing? Sure. But nothing on that album touches pre-X&Y Coldplay.. except maybe a spark in Ghost Stories.. it was a sliver, but it was there. And this album.. is finally, I think, Coldplay and Eno really melding into a vision of this band they've wanted for years.. since they've worked together. This is why Chris said before the release of AICTAIY, this is maybe his favorite group of Coldplay
  7. Seriously though.. I love this new Coldplay. I love it. 2:25 mark in this song.. so Parachutes!!! This is the closest we've ever gotten to this band tapping into their pre-X&Y perfection.
  8. I don't hear A L I E N S so much.. but 20 seconds before that particular song.. I do hear Chris start the melody with his acoustic to UFO from Mylo Xyloto. UFO.. Aliens.. so we're all hearing.. stuff.
  9. Hah, but how do you really feel? Hah, no I feel the exact same way.. the only sentiment I would change is to switch our feelings on AICTAIY with Hypnotised. Both great.. but the former is the king to me. At least all of the other collabs Coldplay have done so far feature melodic and catchy artists. Even The Chainsmokers, as repetitive, bland, and generic as their music is (admitting this despite how much I like them anyways), doesn't come nowhere near as close as terrible to modern day hip hop artists. And by the way, it's not that I dislike hip hop music. A lot of it before t
  10. No, here's what I think happened. They wrote a song that dealt with ...strangeness, being cut off from someone, etc.. normal stuff, really. And that's why it's called Aliens. But when writing out the songlist, someone (probably Will ..it usually is) thought it'd be funny to use the same capitalization and spacing as the movie. That's my prediction, anyway.
  11. So, I just looked at that Tokyo performance on Youtube where they play this live. Wow, this song was born to be played live! Whoever produced this had one job- contain this beast in a studio setting and don't fuck it up. Was it Eno? Seems too gritty to be the guys from that last pop album. Also wow, in that live version.. I love the way Chris Martin just jumped up from the piano abruptly as the song plays it's last note. The song ends in a sorta fierce walkaway. It really is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am ending. And Chris Martin probably just jumped up to hurriedly grab a guitar or somet
  12. This is actually my favorite Coldplay song ...in quite some time. Probably X&Y era.. as far as first listen.. 'this is amazing' type song. A few things though... unlike a lot of people here, I love the mix. I listen to a lot of M83, I don't mind the loud synth. It's a lovely.. almost gritty mix. They used a lot of space with the room mics in the mix. I love it.. I hear enough 'clean' mixes. I actually had more of a problem with the mix to Hypnotised. I mean.. did that keyboard loop really need to override the piano SO much? I've always thought Coldplay should mix the highlights o
  13. I mean.. am I the only one to call a spade a spade here? This title is SO a nod to the movie 'Aliens'. Definitely, the double-spacing of the letters, anyway.
  14. Hey guys, I made a new song. I hate that I feel I'm spamming people sometimes. Sharing your music over the internet is a little bit like asking random people on the street for your time. But my family and friends haven't been exactly supportive. They don't even listen to my music. All I want is ...someone to listen. To say.. yes, I exist. I felt this.. and this is the best I can convey those feelings. And ..for someone to acknowledge that... not exactly be impressed by it.. or wow'd by it.. but to just say "hey, sometimes the way you sing.. or the notes you chose.. they're valid
  15. I think it's because Radiohead obviously are very good at using off-kiltered notes and dissonance in their music ..to their advantage. They use strange beats and rhythms and ..everyone knows that it takes talent to do that. Yet, sometimes we all just love the simplicity of Coldplay. I totally get it.
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