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  1. This is excellent! What model is that little drum pad you're using?
  2. Also, how did you make the kind of ambient sound in the intro of the song?
  3. This is brilliant! Would you mind sharing the chords and tabs for the little lead guitar riff? :)
  4. Sweet, thanks! Possibly a bit of 'noob' question, but on Jonny's board there's a large black portion with lots of silver buttons - what actually is that? What does it do?
  5. What kind of delay was Jonny using in the Ghost Stories era? I believe it's a Boss but I'm not too sure which model it is.
  6. Hey guys, does anybody know what exactly Jonny plays in live performances of Magic? I'm especially interested in what he plays during the 'climax' of the song (about 3:30 in) - I just can't quite get it from videos. Could someone tab it out for me? The performance on the Ellen show shows his guitar quite nicely ([video=youtube;jj7F6rkrh-o]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj7F6rkrh-o ).
  7. Just posted on the Coldplay liveblog: "22.00: The main set - and the German radio broadcast - is over. Time for the encore, beginning with God Put A Smile…" http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=1516
  8. Does anybody know why before Chris starts Fix You he says "Let's go Will", like he did just there?
  9. This is SUCH a beautiful song. Was that Will on the backing vocals there?! Amazing!
  10. That's my iTunes top 10, however I recently changed computer so here is my Last.fm top 15 since early 2011 :D
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