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  1. People are taking this track way too seriously. I like it, but in a more ironic way. This is a hidden track, it's supposed to have a fun/surprise element to it. To me it nicely envelops the theme of the album: trying to make your dreams come true. Maybe making this kind of track was always a little dream of theirs, and I'm sure the whole band is aware that it's more fun than cool.
  2. theprospekt


    This was SUCH a great live version. What a great song, I love it even more now.
  3. People are absolutely entitled to their opinion, but an overwhelming amount of negativity surrounding this latest album makes me want to take a break from this forum and just enjoy the album. I actually like this album and can't wait to see them perform it live in Copenhagen next year. So see you in around 300 plays. :P
  4. This! That's totally where I get that "suppressed energy" vibe from. This song makes me happy and energetic/dancy and relaxed at the same time! :D
  5. Ah ok. Sorry. I do agree that the audio quality doesn't really take away from the quality of the song itself. But to me at least it's a pretty big part of the listening experience. I simply can't truly enjoy music played on bad equipment or ripped from some low quality source such as YouTube. I don't know if I'm an audiophile but when I listen to music I find myself listening to the audio just as much as the music itself.
  6. There's not really anything wrong with the sound quality on AHFOD if that's what you're referring to? Maybe some recording or production aspects are different from other CP albums but that's not the same thing.
  7. I think this is the coolest song Coldplay has ever made. I like it!
  8. I think this is my favorite off AHFOD. It has such a great suppressed energy - it's a really cool song, listening to it makes me really happy. Love the way it ends.
  9. The first date was sold out in 35 minutes! This is 35-40.000 tickets! I got tickets four for that one in pre sale. Now I also have four for the other date - I'm going with both days with two different sets of people. :D
  10. theprospekt


    Can't wait. Tove Lo has a very cool voice, bet it sounds awesome in combination with Chris'.
  11. theprospekt


    This crying at new Coldplay songs must stop for me. Amazing Day, Up&Up and now this. Such beautiful songs they left me crying in no time.
  12. To be fair, I believe it was said that it shared the same tempo as Violet Hill.
  13. I agree. Makes much more sense.
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