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  1. I can’t believe this is actually happening!! This is why I love Coldplay, you can never guess what they’re going to do next. I am ready for Los Unidades!!
  2. I'm curious about this, may I get a PM as well? Thank you. Also, can these tracks be imported/ listened through an iPhone for on the go?
  3. Wow, very unexpected and so different from what they've done before. I like when they experiment with new sounds and it will take more listens for the song to really grow on me. This has to be "Alien Radio" or at least a re-worked version from the MX days. That would explain the snippet in the documentary, plus it has Brian Eno who was very much involved with Mylo Xyloto.
  4. There was hints about the new EP in front of us the whole time.The lyric video for Something Just Like This had the band as A L I E N S. :o
  5. What an Amazing night! Had awesome seats in section 13, it was my second time seeing them since their Mylo Xyloto tour in 2012 and they never disappoint. Just wanted to share some photos I took.
  6. Looks like all three acts are performing 15 mins earlier. I can't link the picture but I saw it in the MetLife Stadium Facebook page.
  7. I feel like all the excitement is happening on the Saturday night thread. LOL this thread is quiet compared to that one.
  8. I have seats in section 13 row 17, they seem like good seats close to the center stage. I can't wait until Sunday!!
  9. Now if I remember correctly people usually reserve tickets to the jimmy Fallon show often weeks in advance. The queue at 4am is just to try and get spare tickets for the show for that same day, then if they're lucky to get tickets they come back later for the actual taping.
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