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  1. I got two at the Etihad Stadium too. I live in rural South West Scotland. My green one was lit up (not flashing, just glowing) when I came home from town this afternoon. Then at tea time my red one joined it! During the evening the green one went off (run out of battery?), but the red one is still glowing. Would love to know how this happened.
  2. Does anyone else out there love Moses (live album)?
  3. I'm a mum of two teens aswell - you love them to bits but it's tough at times - just keep believing in yourself and being there for them. At least you've got the weather on your side - it's freezing and raining here (Scotland)!
  4. Glad I'm not alone in thinking Clocks is just perfect! I've listened to it so many times over the years and it still send shivers down my spine! :o
  5. It's got to be Clocks! Nothing beats those waves of piano notes. Clocks was the first Coldplay song I ever heard and is still my favourite to this day. :)
  6. Thank you for accepting my friend request! :)

  7. Just thought I'd say hi as I've also joined the Christians for Coldplay group.

  8. Looks like you and me are in the same boat, I can't read music either! I play guitar, bass, and mandolin (though I also played trumpet and recorder in school). Thanks for joining my group! I sent you a freind request.

  9. Hi. Just joined this site - was filling in my profile - under 'about me', had just written 'dedicated christian' - first thing I see when I look at groups is 'Christians for Coldplay'!! I'm a musician of sorts - I've played guitar since age 8 and flute since age 13, but never had a formal music lesson in my life. I can't read music very well at all - I'm stuck at 11 yr old recorder lesson level, but I'm pretty competent at playing by ear and play weekly at my local church. I play a 'La Patrie' electro accoustic classical guitar (beautiful instrument - had to order it from Belgium), but can't play classically (wish I could!). I'm just a decent chord player who prefers a classical guitar. I kind of got into Coldplay late - just before they released X and Y. The video of Clocks came randomly on the TV and I just thought 'wow - who's that?'. It remains my favourite song to this day. Unfortunately none of my friends quite get my Coldplay thing! Alison :)

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