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  1. I love Christmas Lights, but when I hear this, I kind of wish they'd at least recorded a studio version of Wedding Bells (even just as a B-Side).
  2. Just as a side note, if you pause the trailer at that moment around 1:11, and manage to get Chris bang in the middle, you have an awesome Facebook cover photo waiting for you! (doing it in 1080p is best) EDIT: Here's the photo in case you don't want to do it yourself :)
  3. Jay Z, that was awesome and I love you. Btw, is it me or have the Xylobands not been used at all?
  4. Hahaha, we'll take whatever we can get! Still, we get to go to mid-table Manchester United next to prove our title credentials :laugh3:
  5. Obviously over the course of the season Southampton are not gonna be pushing teams away from home like they did today, but it's their first day back in the Premier League in years; they were fired up for the game today, and although City weren't at their best, they'll seldom face a team motivated like Southampton were today. They may struggle to retain the title if they don't strengthen the team, but they'll breeze past most teams nonetheless. (also, quick shout out to my team Fulham, who seemingly cannot be moved from the top of the table)
  6. Fair point, although even in London we're a rare breed :laugh3:
  7. Dunno if you're talking to me or not, but I was a fan before Dempsey came. We do have a lot of American fans though, not just for Clint, but also the thousands of other Americans who have played for us before.
  8. You're a Fulham fan? I knew there was another one of us somewhere in the world!
  9. That's awesome! Loved the bit where the little song symbols came up when the piano keys were hit! If you did do a video for the rest of the song, I'm sure we'd all love to see it :)
  10. The cover they did of Clocks was awesome, I'd say it's on a par with the original. But from the trailer video, the cover of Viva doesn't seem as good... :\
  11. I think it's gotta be a movie of some sort, purely because it mentions the "sounds" of Coldplay. That alone makes a comic book seem a little unlikely, which as a fan of movies, a fan of Spongebob ( :) ) and not a fan of comics, is great! :D
  12. Fix You and Viva are usually quite high anyway, but to see The Scientist in there is great :) Maybe a load of part-time fans sent to The Emirates and then decided to actually download some Coldplay?
  13. Had a quick look at the iTunes Top 200 Singles earlier, and from what I could see, Coldplay had more tracks in there than any other artist :) And for what it's worth, I've always had this down as the most likely song from MX to hit #1, in no small part because Rihanna's on it.
  14. Hahahaha! I'm 18, but when it's nearing the end of a party, we're all drunk and I'm forcing my friends to put on Coldplay and sing with me, I imagine we sound a lot like that :laugh3:
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