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  1. seriously, that's the best artwork i've ever done in my life! :lol: :lol:
  2. so no guy potter for you? lol you represent the new generation i guess...
  3. uuh....I dunno what my favourite is...I'm really undecisive...but yeah, I LUURRVEE his haircut in the first picute. It's really sexy. Kinda argentinian...that's what I used to say about it. but his curls are also sooo cute i mean, look at this: isn't it adorable? the curls falling on his forehead!
  4. yeah. I don't like that haircut as well. I'd rather this and this and this and this
  5. I agree about this part. But for the rest.. I think I kinda like the old ways better. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic: always idealizing the past.
  6. I mean, he looks too gypsy in the first picture. I liked much more when he kept a simple look.
  7. I think Guy is so gorgeous but...am I the only one who doesn't like at all him wearing an earring? I think I'll never get used to some changes brought by Viva La Vida.
  8. oooooooh, now i've realized that see you soon was written before his relationshio with gwyneth, lol. well, well. it would be really sad if this was really about them.
  9. see you soon was really about chris' fights with gwyneth? i didn't know that! omg...i thought it was about an old break-up with some girl he used to date anyways, HELLO MILDREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. Yeah, but Chris wants everything to be just perfect so the recording process takes more time than the composing one.
  11. New cd? Bu they barely had time to chill out. I mean, the twisted logic ended up on july, this year. And now they're going to S. America...I think there's no time to produce a whole cd.
  12. congratz to the couple. 3 years and 2 kids. quite a lot, hun.
  13. Oh...Chris loooooves Johnny Cash! And I've read Guy likes James Brown, Pink Floyd and Neil Young. Hmm...the rest I know you already said.
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