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  1. Okay! Just made a petition for a Coldplay concert in Manila. Please do take time to sign it xD http://twitition.com/dndct

  2. ako! ako po! Tingnan niyo yung signature ko! Gumawa ko ng petition! Sign niyo please? Salamat talaga!
  3. Care to help a fellow Coldplayer? Hi! I'm Jona, 16 from the Philippines and I loooooove Coldplay. I did some research and found out that ever since their formation, they never (that's right, NEVER!) had a concert here in my country. So here's the deal. Petitions are a really reliable way of showing support to something and I was just thinking, "what if Coldplay sees how much their Filipino fans love them? Maybe they'll consider going to our country!" And that's what brought me to start a petition. Or Twitition is more like it, since you sign via twitter. Here ---> http://twitition.com
  4. thinking about how to get more traffic help me! click any of the links below (in my signature)
  5. hahahahha! you said it. Coldplayer will always be the best!
  6. hi there! how are you?

  7. The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! at the disco
  8. your love means everything oh love, don't let me go
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