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  1. More of the same as Orphans and Arabesque really.. I understand that they are experimenting with new ideas but no... not for me
  2. Such a disappointing album. After Orphans and Arabesque I expected big things. Really disappointed.
  3. I love Coldplay more than ever. My favourite band currently.
  4. One of my all time favourite Coldplay songs- its that good. 10/10
  5. Bit better that its only an hour but other dvds in the past have shown the whoke thing. Shambles
  6. Absolute joke. Unwrap this for Christmas then the majority gets shown on TV for everyone to watch days later. Comical.
  7. You should have given one back. Someone may have missed out because of you.
  8. Yeah I had it after the gig, now ive got it all over again :(
  9. bum note by Chris (probably caused by the rain on the piano) he laughed during the last line:D
  10. bit weird when the bit about the "few more surprises up our sleeve" was left in.
  11. WTF playing Paradise pretending its the last song!?
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