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  1. Thanks! No birds though, specially made for cp then?
  2. Chris has said it's not.Something has been said out of context.He said it feels like the end of a chapter (but not the end of the band)and he treats the tour like it's their last so to give it their all.They don't have any plans to go in the studio but that will be because they are touring all the way through next year too.They will need a break after this tour before they go back into the studio.
  3. I'm clinging onto hope they will do arenas in the uk next year...
  4. I think there were stars and birds from what i could make out in Manchester, the breeze went the other way on the night so none floated to me.You can't buy it from a public sale. I tried getting some after the gig but a jobsworth steward wouldn't let me on the pitch. :/ I'm hoping someone will be selling some on ebay but no luck so far. :(
  5. Think they will do stadiums for countries they haven't been to yet for next summer, the uk & other places they have already been to arenas next Autumn/winter. It's really bugging me where i saw Chris mention arenas....
  6. Anyone heard on the grapevine where the dvd will be filmed?
  7. A thin pac a mac should be fine, i doubt it will be cold! Plus a baseball cap? I usually have one to try amd keep the rain off my glasses.
  8. This is the great British summertime here.You could get four seasons in one day!
  9. It is a bit useless. If any of the shows were at the stadium in Cardiff the roof shuts properly there.
  10. https://help.wembleystadium.com/support/solutions/articles/9000000140-does-the-roof-close-will-i-get-wet-if-it-rains-
  11. Opinions on this please.Original one of the 2,500, re release or fake?http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coldplay-Brothers-Sisters-Scarce-original-1999-UK-Fierce-Panda-CD-/311613681366?hash=item488d9f6ed6:g:o1sAAOSwUdlWd9zz
  12. I'm pretty sure there are going to be arena dates, can't remember where it was pretty much said... You went backstage?! What did you do?!
  13. There is one on eBay for £20 at the moment. http ://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131446527409 There are a few of them about, they aren't expensive.
  14. Ditto. I was at the first Manchester gig and had to rush off. If anyone has some bird & star confetti (Especially the shiny stars) I have a spare purple love button to trade if you have the spare confetti!
  15. Tweet them if you can.You will probably have a quicker chance of a response.
  16. Have a look in the multimedia section of the forum.
  17. Having withdrawal symptoms. Bought a setlist of flea bay last night and am looking out for confetti.I'm a right saddo!
  18. Saw a lot of people with 3 or 4 xylobands up each arm.. I doubt they all happened to go 6-8 gigs.
  19. Just radio.The camera was probably for the screens rather than a dvd.If they film they have to put up notices that you being there, you are consenting for being filmed.
  20. I have a spare purple love button i would like to swap for various confetti that anyone has spare they picked up?
  21. I was up at the back for the MX tour, and it is pretty steep!!
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