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  1. i hope that we will get a refund at least. btw it seems that the performance it's not live https://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2021/05/22/coldplay-flamboyant-glastonbury-2021-performance-in-pictures/
  2. i read from twitter Hello! We're looking into the issues of invalid codes urgently. If you're having issues with the live stream please do not fret, you'll be able to rewind once you're in. Thanks!
  3. i'm having the same problem, i can't watch anymore.. What happened? i payed and i can't watch it!?!
  4. This is the setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2019/natural-history-museum-london-england-539acbd1.html
  5. Will be broadcasted also in italy https://www.raiplayradio.it/video/2019/11/Coldplay-live-from-BBC-Maida-Vale-studios-London-05744324-63d2-4e4d-a07c-574542c22397.html The show will last around 1h 30 min so maybe will be a full concert :D
  6. J_Kira

    Can you please share the 1080p version od the Coldplay: Live In São Paulo with me?? I'll really appreciate it.

  7. Hi, can I ask you if you have a link of the 1080p version of the Live In San Paulo? Thanks a lot!

  8. Do you have the 1080p version of the Live in São Paulo? Thank you so much, man!!

  9. please send to me link, thanks in advance

  10. yes that's why i want create a 5.1 version of a full HD version..
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