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  1. Anyone watch it? The show is amazing, both the original and new. :)
  2. TyGuy


    Hope for that, because Amsterdam is amazing. <3
  3. It's came to my intention that Chris Martin and Rihanna's voices really compliment each others. I'm not sure about any one else but I would really look forward to seeing them collaborate in the future! :nod:
  4. I hope you have an AMAZZING time at the Coldplay Concert tonight!! :D YOU. MUST. TELL. ME. EVERYTHING. THAT. HAPPENED.

  5. Well, It all started one morning, been up all night to browsing the web, stayed up looking for some way to get a poster of Coldplay autographed by them since I missed my chance in DC on July 9th. Then it got more indepth, I wanted to do what only a handful of fans have before- Get a letter from myself to them. (Especially Chris Martin, my role-model :P) I was just about to give up when I realized, I could attempt to get a letter through to his wife to give to him! I was stunned and suddenly, I wasn't tired anymore! :stunned: I looked for ways to contact Gwyenth Paltrow and finally stopped at her company, where they so politely forwarded my letter to her! :) So, there. To clear things up. I hope I do get a reply Oh, WAIT! I mention Coldplaying.com because of the friends I've manged to meet here. I asked in the letter for a formal addressing to the site because these are the most amazing fans I've had the pleasure of being fans with. :P --Ty. :)
  6. Oi.. 1) That's just erm.. insane. 2) It was a simply just a message, I am hoping for a reply of some sort from one of the two of them! Considering I am a fan of Gwyenth too. xP 3) ..Who would break into their garden at 3am? o_o
  7. I HATE IT when people do that, it's annoying. :| People deserve privacy <3 :nod:
  8. TyGuy


    That's what I thought at first, and sin seems to fit better anyway. :L
  9. Her company forwarded the message. Waiting game commences. :thumbsup:
  10. One of your three friends. *BOSS* :D

  11. I.. adore.. Coldplay.. The only thing I listened to on the ride home today! O:

  12. For me.. I feel like I can build up an entire country. I dunno why. x_x
  13. A war just ignited in my head.. :| AROBTTH or X&Y!? Gah, I can't chose.. my two favorite albums.. GAAAAAH. D: Commence listening to non-stop albums for four hours. :|
  14. Advantages of being good with your words! :nod:
  15. c; Coldplay fans are so much fun. :D
  16. Thanks for righting him :) AND YES. THE REPLY.. I await it. :nod:
  17. Nonononono, It's involving the both of them.. it's a complicated letter :|
  18. The suspense is killing me! D:

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