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  1. Yes, I also have a link for anyone that pms me, though it won't be for about 5 hours.
  2. After about 5 full listens it is a great album, but only met expectations. It isn't Coldplays best, nor is it as full of life as mylo. The best description really is the day to ghost stories' night
  3. I hated princess more than any other coldplay song and I actually like where this is going :)
  4. Coldplay premiere number 3 and could not be more excited. This is the bombastic end guys! Like harry potter
  5. Did I miss something? Was any release date confirmed?
  6. Yeah but didn't see you rushing to correct anyone until we figured it wouldn't come out this weekend
  7. I wonder if other forums for other artists are freaking out. Then again, who cares about other artists
  8. Still surprised they haven't released anything... I was certain we'd get the single this week
  9. Or super best case scenario is they play 2 songs and at the end chris says "A head full of dreams is on iTunes now"
  10. I still feel like it would make sense to hear it before the festival so that the fans there for coldplay would be familiar, but who knows anymore. They do what they want
  11. For quick reference, A Sky Full Of Stars was released the Monday or Tuesday before it was played for the first time that Saturday on Saturday Night Live
  12. Okay well POC really did suck, but I loved everything else!
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