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  1. I don't like Harry Potter, not do I know anything about it, but all my friends love it so I kudu decided to put Drarry, as that's basically all they talk about. :P
  2. I'm taking maths, biology, chemistry, physics, English - you have to take them at my school! And I'm doing business studies, ancient history, Latin and geography. I really wanted to take media and film studies also, but its not an option, so ill do them ALevel. :)

  3. ^I'm just gonna ignore this and revise for my Gcses.
  4. Again, I know some people may not have a preference, and if you don't, stop posting! There's a question in the thread title, if you're not gonna answer it then... :):stunned:
  5. I just recently got into writing fanfics (thanks to my friends at school! :P). I wondered if anyone else likes to write them or read them. I've just finished my 9th Star Trek one. :D Also, what are your views on fanfiction? :)
  6. Ha Ha! Quark's awesome. like Wesley, awesome but annoying! :)
  7. Ok, thanks. :) What GCSE's did you take? :) Yep, I've heard of Twiggy. :)

  8. In so glad I don't have to for to school! Go summer holidays!" Only got my GCSE's to loo forward to now! :\
  9. Look, if you're not gonna answer the question of this post, then why are you still here? If you don't have a preference, then fair enough. :) :confused:
  10. Yeah, I'm an Oasis fan too. I found the 'Dig out your soul' CD at my busy sop on the way to school, so I took it! :) Lol. :) I like stuff like Kaiser Chiefs and Killers but I do think Paramore and Fall Out Boy are too pop-ish now. I'm a massive Green Day fan, but UNO, DOS and TRE are too pop like now. Where's all the rock?

  11. Awwww.... I think I like Kirk and Spock so much because of their 'chemistry',they're so good together! :)
  12. Well, I like Punk, such as Sex Pistols and The Clash, and Green day's earlier, harder stuff IS Punk. But, I'm into stuff that I guess is considered Pop-Punk, like blink-182. I used to be really into Fall Out Boy, but I'm less for them now, I don't think their newest album is that good. I also like Paramore, but I think they're Pop-Punk too. I also like nu-metal, y'know Evanescence and Linkin Park. :) Rock like Foo Fighters is awesome too! :) How about you?

  13. Yep, I admit in that episode (the Cage, I think?) he does look odd, but i think its the bushy eyebrows and orange skin colour. And its notjust how he looks, its his take on the world and his personality, too. This is what I mean: :) And,the reboot Spock: Who do you think is the hottest in the Star Trek franchise?
  14. I know there were many hot girls in Star Trek for you guys, but there were tons of hot guys too! Who do you girls (and guys) think was the hottest guy in Star Trek. It could be villains and good guys. :) Personally, mine are Spock (Leonard Nimoy in the 60s and Zachary Quinto in the new movies), Data (in the early TNG seasons) and Captain Kirk (William shatner in the 60s and Chris Pine in the new movies)! :wink3: :kiss: :P
  15. Anyone hear about them renaming Pluto's moons?!?! Shit! We want Vulcan!!! Damn SETI institute!! It would be so awesome to be able to say "we're going to send a probe to Vulcan!" If they were Star Wars fans as Shatner suggested, why not Tatooine or Alderaan??
  16. And here's another thing, we had this activity day at school called 'Enterprise day' and when the teacher asked us what 'enterprise' meant, i was actually gonna put my hand up and say 'the starship in star trek'! but i managed to stop myself from doing that; loads of my friends like star trek, and they said i should have said it! LOL at me! :):)
  17. I just noticed this, its pretty awesome, atleast i thought it was: There is a TOS episode called 'All Our yesterdays' and in a TNG episode, Q syays to Picard: 'Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hours upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.' These are both quotes from the same famous soliloquy by macbeth in the play macbeth. We're studying Macbeth in English class, so in my copy of the play the school gave me, I highlighted those lines and drew a smiley!! LOL im such a weirdo!
  18. Yeah i think ill forget about the drunk idea. I'm in secondary school (I guess that's somewhere in between middle school and high school in the US) :) :/
  19. Yeah I live in England so we were uniforms at school. Dammit I wish I could wear my muse tshirt to school! But then it would probably never get washed, I'd wear it all the freakin time! Thanks anyway guys :)
  20. Ok so here's my problem: there's this guy on my school bus who's a year older than me and a couple of times recently he's been looking at me and the first time I noticed this he gave me a really broad sorta grin type smile! We've never spoken to each other before (unless you count the time when me, two other girls, two guys and the guy in talking about here were talking about how sees one Muse are!) we don't go to the same school and we don't use the same bus stop. I know he likes comic books and rock music (no boys I know like to rock music, they're all like"innit man jayz". Ugh, shut up!!) A
  21. I think John lennons song imagine sort of describes Star Trek; well the federation anyway. Cause you know it talks about the world living as one, there being no need for greed or hunger, and peace. Yep I'm weird
  22. Here's a website link dedicated to make if the starship enterprise real! http://www.buildtheenterprise.org/can-you-help The deadline for a 25000 signature petition to pass the idea on to the White House was January 2013, and its June now! But, if all us fans put our heads together, in sure we ca make it a reality. There's over 10000 members on coldplaying.com so that's almost half what we need! :) come on enterpise, if my journalism career doesn't work, in on the bridge! :) :) A petition to build the Death Star from Star Wars got 36000 signatures; but what use is that to us, there's no al
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