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  1. Yeah I mean there's nothing stopping Coldplay doing dub step but I just don't think its the right path for them. It worked for muse as they'd re able to use extreme sounds to make their stuff SO EPIC!! :)
  2. Thanks for the picture comment. :)

  3. Yep. :) Cool!! Are you gonna see them live for their UNO DOS TRE tour

  4. Oh god I'm not comparing them! :thinking: But Green Day are my second favourite band and I think Coldplay are more than capable of doing something epic like a rock opera. And they're not even the same genre of rock. :)
  5. Could coldplay do a rock opera like green day my chemical romance and queen? You know cause green days American idiot and 21st century breakdown had main chars cheers a location and a plot so did Mylo Xyloto but none of the other coldplay albums
  6. I'd like LP6 to be more rock more underground and although its nice having them in the charts, rock isn't really main stream. So like In My Place Major Minus Yellow and Violey Hill mixed together. :) anyone think like this??
  7. And you know bands earlier on in their career, I think, seem to leave a smaller gap in between albums eg: parachutes and AROBTTH was two years but we might end up waiting four years since 2011 between MX and LP6! Also, Muse's first album shoebox and second one origin of symmetry only had two years in between but later on its become three. I read somewhere on NME that Matt Bellamy told them if would be a hell of a long wait for a muse LP7!! And Green Day's first major label album Dookie and second one Insomniac where released one year apart in 1994 and 1995. But there was a four five year diffe
  8. Yeah probably be about late. 2013 - 2015 before LP6 arrives
  9. Yeah I do that too. X&Y - Coldplay +44- +44 182 - blink-182 41 - Sum 41 42 - Coldplay 1039 - Green Day 1000 - Green Day 39 - Green Day 2000 - Green Day 409 - Green Day UNO - Muse UNO dos tre quatro - green day :):):):):)
  10. Hey. Welcome to coldplaying!! I myself only joined in August last year. :) This is probably gonna seem a bit weird but I noticed you live on California. I've been wanting to move to Pasadena for some time now (as I'm bored of England!!) how is it over there? :)

  11. Yeah I agree. :) most bands usually leave about 1.5 to 5 years between albums as they have to write and record and compose the music. Unlike artists like Rihanna who releases like one album very year because she doesn't have to write or do anything except sing it. :) :) :)
  12. Yeah they're like my favourite band apart from Coldplay. Do you like them??!! :) they're awesome!!! :)

  13. Yayy! You like the Big Bang Theory!! :)

  14. Yeah. I do think that Rock music is the most underground form of music genre. But, I think that, although all of Coldplay's previous albums and most of their singles have performed well in the charts, Mylo Xyloto was just too mainstream for me, what with Rihanna in it . I still like how each of their albums have a different sound, like you know Yellow and Paradise come from different eras and albums. Its kind of like Green Day's first major label release 'Dookie'. It was a massive success, but they haven't really bettered it lately, apart from American Idiot, in my opinion. :) And, at schoo
  15. Also a couple of weeks ago my uncle gave me the season 1-5 box set. I've now seen all of those episodes four times. :) BAZINGA!! No, DOUBLE BAZINGA! ;)
  16. My Geography teacher compared one of the girls in my class to Sheldon last year and this year she's comparing her to Amy!!! She's Shamy All in one! :D
  17. I play Sims Freeplay. Do any of you play it or the computer versions? :)
  18. Yeah sorry about that whole Green Day thing. Would it be totally weird if I sent you a friend request? I know I kinda brought in on myself but I do actually wanna try and not hold a grudge against anyone here. Cause I know we are all here for the same reason - Coldplay. :) :/

  19. Oh cool. I'm gonna see Green Day in June but I still really wanna see American Idiot show

  20. Yeah- I kinda lost it. From now on, no more anger (kinda from me - but i WAS aggravated) Just QUOTES :)
  21. Billie Joe is probably, the nicest guy in rock music, no HUGE ego, no falseness, just a nice, caring, funny guy. See this?: 'Of course he is nice! It all depends lol if you get him mad that's a diffrent story but I am a HUGE fan of Billie Joe And I've gone to his concerts and he seems like an AWESOME dude.!' - from WikiAnswers And, you know, he's had alot on. In September 2012, he had a breakdown, went into Rehab (of his own thought, will and accord), had extreme influenza and it was the 30th anniversary of his father's death. So be considerate you asshole. If you want, report me, but
  22. I'll obviously love anything that they decide to do. But, Coldplay are kind of the only band I love that aren't punk, grunge or nu-metal or rock. So, I'd love it if they went a bit more rock, but kept the simple ballads, like Yellow. Y'know I'm not asking them to be Green Day mark 2.0 with a new version of American Idiot or whatever, but just that Coldplay would do something with more cool guitar chords and riffs, like in Violet Hill. :) Anyone else agree?
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