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  1. Because I just wanted to know and I thought it would bf easier and quicker than asking by public message every one of my contacts.
  2. Would it be stupid to ask when chris Martin's birthday is. Because on Wikipedia and prettying every other websites its the 2nd march but in the two (unofficial, ill point out) biographies of coldplay I've read it says the 3rd march?! :) Also gorillaz are awesome but their music videos are kinda weird
  3. Yep I agree. How is every teardrop similar to the scientist? I don't mind Mumford and sons but they're stuff is kinda the same sounding :)
  4. By a graduation song, I mean to like celebrate it, not when you walk up to go get your honours. :)
  5. yeah, i don't like mumford and sons either. :) some of my friends say I'm a hypocrite because Coldplay can be slow, but i dont like Ed sherran. :)
  6. Sorry but I only post about them because certain individuals just don't get what I'm saying. I wouldn't even have to be saying all this now if someone didn't say 'what are green day said to be coldplays contemporary?' When they're at the same time. And triple album achievements link in with double albums ;)
  7. I did stop the discussion, you know. So I don't reeally get why you put that
  8. Chart positions are not a measure of quality, I know that. But they are a measure of how well known and how well liked you are by your main audience. And Green Day music DOES have ambition. Think about their album Dookie, a massive success, whereas its follow-up, Insomniac wasn't as much. Green Day had ambition and made their next album, Nimrod better. Then came Warning, which wasn't liked alot, so the band took a massive step and something never ever done before in the Punk genre: American Idiot, its sold 14 million copies worldwide and 10 million in the USA alone. It's also a musical, all
  9. I'd have: Wedding: Last Night On Earth - Green Day / Yellow - Coldplay / Falling Away With You - Muse Graduation: Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) - Green Day Funeral: See The Light - Green Day or The Scientist (But not sure)
  10. Thank you. All this crap just escalated from me saying they did an album trilogy! Jeez
  11. Would rock bands do them to promote an album or something?
  12. And I'm just gonna point out that it doesn't matter what she you are, if your good at making music, you enjoy it and its you passion then what can't you do it till you die? Pop punk isn't just for younger bands. Green day have matured and have more genres under their belt. :/
  13. Any way can we just end the green day discussion as this is about coldplays sixth album. I get that I started the green day thing by simply saying that they did a triple album, which was related to what everyone else was saying about a double album!! Green day are pop punk, punk, shit if you don't like them but just leave it at that.
  14. By secret I mean with only like 1000 people, like at a club not a massive stadium
  15. I just wanted to know who else was going ! And also that's not really advice is it?!
  16. Green Day concert June 1st Emirates stadium!! :) I'm going!! Is anyone else? :)
  17. I've signed up to newsletters and stuff, but still no luck. I know some bands do advertise it, like Muse did with War Child 2013, but most don't. :) Thanks for any advice.
  18. I still wouldn't say they wee pop, because that's popular music. And judging by their recent chart positions, they are definitely not popular. Also, if you listen to their earlier stuff, you can easily tell it's not pop. I agree that they WERE more punk earlier on, but wanted UNO to be power-pop, DOS to be garage rock and TRE to be stadium rock. DOS is definitely garage rock, it's just like Green Day's side-project, Foxboro Hot tubs! :) Also, even though power pop has the word 'pop' in it, it isn't popular really, it is mostly underground. It is described on Wikipedia as a mixture of hard r
  19. I wanna live in California - England is so cold and wet and horrible! :(
  20. Does anyone else like the song Sex Drugs and Ciolence by Green day. I do. It's not my favourite song on TRE though.
  21. You think Green Day are pop??!! :confused:
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