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  1. I know. I cried when I read it!!!! I actually did, at school, in the library - I screamed!! It's so weird, cause like on the 20th march you were saying to me that you loved welcome to the black parade, and now the band that made it doesn't exist anymore!! On their Wikipedia page it says my chemical romance WAS a band!!! :( I'm just gonna sit and cry for a couple of hours...

  2. I've got 28! :) Gerard Way, Rock Sound, Muse, Green Day DOS, Liam Gallagher, Black Veil Brides, Paramore, Kerrang Tour 2013, 30 Seconds To Mars, Dave Grohl, Dave Grohl (again), Frank Iero, Fall Out Boy, Fall Out Boy (again), Billie Joe Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong (again), Green Day, Green Day (again), Green Day (again for the third time), blink-182, blink-182 (again), Kurt Cobain, Gerard Way (again), All Time Low, All Time Low (again), Green Day UNO DOS TRE, The Big Bang Theory, John Lennon. I've got loads more in my magazines, but there's no space to put them! :( Damn window!! also
  3. This could be like from magazines or big ones with frames and stuff. :) creating this thread really shows up my boredom!! :)
  4. Cool! I've got one on my ipod that's of MCR and Green Day! And Gerard Way has a heart grenade t shirt! :) awwww

  5. This isn't really a thought but I thought it was pretty cool when Coldplay where mentioned in my book. Basically, I was reading the Alex Rider book Crocodile Tears (Read it, it's awesome) and on page 35 it says Coldplay!!! :) yay! :)
  6. I only have: Parachutes AROBTTH 2 X&Y CD's VLVODAAHF Prospekt's March Mylo Xyloto Live 2003 Live 2012 I've also downloaded the Acoustic EP, Brothers and Sisters, The Blue Room EP, Trouble Norweigen Remix EP, Safety EP, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, Remixes, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Mince Spies, The Remixes, iTunes Festival 2012 and all their music videos.
  7. I love your avatar of Chris and Billie Joe!! Awww... Where was that pic from?

  8. Thanks for the picture comment :)

  9. Again, its not laziness. I just would like to know the answer that's all. Yeah, It's not in the right sub-forum. But still, you're the one who keeps sending counter-accusations my way. :) :)
  10. Its an awesome name! :) My name sucks
  11. What if LP6 has someone like Rihanna on it? :\
  12. I don't think I was commenting. I was trying to justify what I was saying :)
  13. How was asking a question about coldplay sooo pointless? What I said was justified, why can't you just see that? What I did was ask what the real date was, I know it's kinda trivial, but I thought asking coldplay's fans would know the answer as Google and the biographies had left me confused. I know your just gonna come up with some stupid comment anyway. I know I'm probably getting annoying guys, I apologise but I don't get why this person keeps on commenting on what I'm saying. If they're not gonna give me an answer then they can shut up.
  14. I know I searched on google, but in yhe two coldplay biographies i read it says the 3rd
  15. No. I just said what i said because I meant it and it was logical. I'm not gonna fight over something as trivial as this even though its ridiculously annoying. :)
  16. Actually I posted that question here because, if you bothered to read my original post before you posted that stupid point, you would see that I asked you guys here because on Google it says March 2nd but in their biographies it says March 3rd!! Jeez... :)bsig I just wanted to know which was the correct answer! Didn't it occur to you that I would have Googled it first?!?! :angry: :( :/
  17. But that link thing was pretty cool! :) but still on the web it says the ad cons. In confused :(
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