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  1. Climb up your mountain nineteen and counting You have got seven I have got one Blinded and hurting This I'm deserving I've got my secrets You've only got the sleeping sun When you've got a secret Then you've got to keep it When you have a question Answers will come Running and hiding Taking, dividing You've got your secrets I've only go the sleeping sun Sleeping sun Singin ooo oo ooo ooo oo ooo ooo ooo oo ooo ooo ooo ahh aah ahh ahh ahh ahh aahh aahh ahh ahh ahhh ahh And you where's I saw (hah total guess its mumbled) We're piecing a jigsaw mumble mumble ballad??? MUMBLE MUMBLE Run round their houses mumble mumble salads???? You've got your answers We've only got the sleeping sun The sleeping sun Singin ooooo's -my humble interpretation
  2. I feel like this track was produced by someone different - - this IS the direction I'd hoped to see Coldplay go - - lo-fi like Parachutes - - pump up the rythms and make that production complex but keep the trademark simple beauty that is Coldplay -= - how is this not on the album?!?!?!
  3. http://movies.maxim-magazine.co.uk/maxim/020905_everything_sounds.mov
  4. I would pay a sizeable amount of money for that poster - I loved the verve and now I love coldplay
  5. don't panic! or shiver cause its just cooly simple
  6. they filmed it only a week and a half ago or so i think - give it time to be processed/edited/approved etc
  7. awn44

    Fix You

    you must find a way - there's always a way
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  9. would someone mind sending me the cd version? I have a mac that isn't connecting to these radio stations.... [email protected] I'll trade you back some sweet live verve or something
  10. yeah thanks for the YSI link through email but its blocked already :embarrased: gogogogo server upload
  11. I'm interested...any chance of a send to me?? [email protected] muchos gracias!
  12. I have a little theory about Talk - I think it's the Ken Nelson mix since it sounds a lot like the mix from Crests of Waves and I Ran Away and stuff - maybe they redid the whole song for the new producer that they brought in and got a bunch more ideas with.
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