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  1. Remind me how this warrents a 'crash'? And why is the title 'avoids cserious injury'? I could do more damage to a car with a ball point pen that what he did there. Bloody media *sigh* :huh:
  2. I LOVE IT! I love story videos like this. I WANT SOME OF THOSE GLASSES NOW! Totally cool guys! So, whats the next single? :lol: :P
  3. When I used to work at KFC, Moses was on the tape for a while. I used to stop work and stand under a speaker to listen. The speaker was in a really odd spot to stand though (up against a wall, next to the freezers). Everyone thought I was weird. :P
  4. The Talk video is classic. It's the first kind of story driven video they have done (besides Trouble, but like, wtf was that about? :D ) It looks like Will is using a jazz style grip with his left hand there. Odd, as he is not left handed, and not a jazz drummer :P
  5. Yay! I got floor standing ticket. I'm going to get smooshed up against the front barrier, just you try and stop me ;) Who else is going to first Melbourne show?
  6. Rofl, wtf? Will isn't the tallest. Must be standing on something. Btw, I think he is making eyes at Johnny about the girl (as johnny is the only one unmarried)
  7. HAHAHA! That reminds me of the outtakes of the Making of Absolution DVD where Dom accusses Matt of 'pissing about on the piano'! You prob have to watch to get it i spose.... :confused:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL CHAMPION!!! 27 Today. What a champ!!!111!!oneone!!!
  9. ^^^ they sound like Muse songs :lol:
  10. Yeah! I saw the Kraftwerk shirt to. I wonder if he was being a bit sly and tryng to hide it with the scarf. Or maybe it was just cold :confused:
  11. ^^^ Not even new CP music will make me watch Golf *yawn*
  12. Well, I thought it worked really, quite well. Skipped the best part of the song, but I think that's why it worked, it didn't need the rock bit. So, are we like 3 years behind or something, I remeber reading about this here a while back. :rolleyes:
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