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  1. Julia! Hi! Those drawings are amazing, as always. The spray can one is especially epic. :D Great work!
  2. Happy Birthday, Chris! :loveshower: Oh, and it's so nice that the forum's back! I've missed this place, and seeing it back has just turned my day around! :D
  3. Yes, happy New Year, Penguin and Tex! :vuvuzela: And don't worry, Penguin, I shall be updating soon! And I cannot wait for some new chapters of TL and Unnamed! :D
  4. Sheesh, I was only aware of half those quotes. :laugh3: And they're absolutely gold!
  5. Ooh, a twelve part series!? That sounds amazing! So, how will it be released? One part a month? Maybe more, or maybe less? P.s. I did, in fact, smile. :)
  6. They're going well, thanks for asking. How are your stories going? Though I haven't read any Rezzy stories as of late, sorry. :embarrassed: Oh, and Happy Holidays!
  7. Merry Christmas, Penguin! :D Sorry that I haven't posted in a while :embarrassed:, you know, with the insanity of the holidays and all. But hopefully there'll some more material in the new year. Hope you're doing well, and, once again, Merry Christmas!! :D
  8. I like it, ^ very nice reference. And I like the little ornament on the shoes. :D Oh, and merry Christmas!!!
  9. Happy tenth anniversary, C & G. Here's to ten more years! :D
  10. Hi, Penguin! :D Well, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm having a fairly pleasant Friday. Now I'm looking forward to Christmas. ;) I've been thinking a lot about my fics lately, but I have no idea when I'll update next. Hopefully it'll be soon. What about you and your fics? Can you tell us which one you'll update next? :sneaky:
  11. Hi, Aby! :D And to answer your question, no, we do not post stories in this thread. It's just for discussion. You can go to the official fan fic thread 2 to post stories. Hope this helps! EDIT: I literally didn't notice your comment, Penguin, until just now. Sorry about that. And I have had a lovely day, and I hope you're doing well, too.
  12. Penguin, I've just gotten around to commenting on your wonderful chap. of TL! :D (Sorry it's late :( )
  13. PENGUIN, I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK. :omgomg: I'm glad you enjoyed that little entry for chap. 3, but I am far from done with it. Expect more to be edited in, soon. :D So, how are you, my sweet? How's your day, (or week? :thinking:) been? And how are your stories coming along?
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