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  1. This morning - just in time for the Holy Night this evening - the doorbell rang and the post lady handed me an huge envelope to protect it from the unlikely Christmas weather ( typically warm and rainy here in Germany and my mail box isnt that huge and envelope would have gotten wet ) and saw a German city as sender and I was like wtf ? but turns out my Secret Santa also lives in Germany and we met already at several AHFOD shows and shortly at the NHM London ( so happy you got in - me not but at least been there and met some Coldplay friends ) and we follow each other on Twitter :). Also we b
  2. hah yeah I saw in the tracking that it reached its final destination :). You are welcome and I am so happy that it made you happy !! Merry Christmas again to you and your family and to every Coldplayer here !! ( btw I am coming back to Prague in February ;):gs2: )
  3. will be in London anyways , so if someone has one ...please think of me !!
  4. Oh and for anyone asking got the email just with registering for newsletter. Would have purchased Everyday Life again with my "UK adress " ( actually could have sent to someone I know living in London ) but it's already been sold out. So no need to purchase !
  5. Do you think they gonna check IDs ?.or just credit card I bought tickets hopefully with ?? Living in Germany but with Tunnelbear got a mail that I am registered to buy tickets ...and also booked non refundable flights yesterday . Just hope that I can buy tickets using that app ..just logged in here and saw that it got also recommended from another fellowColdplayer here ...
  6. interested in the Everyday Life patch, can you sen dme details how to order , please ? thank you :)
  7. not very active here the past year andbeing fulltime working adult trying to cope with all the news now somehow :D BUT ohh 11 th Birthday ? Thats 22 ( Everyday Life s Release date ) divided into 2 :D in once more :D
  8. yes I was told it's rare. Gary always stops. Yeah hope so too :) Got my Stuttgart Ticket now and a freind bought tickets for Dublin :)
  9. Have been to 2 shows now and can't get enough..there was a time when Snow Patrol and Coldplay were the bands that helped me sooo much trough dark times. Somehow Coldplay got more important but always listened to SP in between . Now that I saw them live and met Gary ( and all the boys except Pablo ) I can say they are sooo great live and lovely to fans . Def going again :heart:
  10. I got my Secret Santa parcel right in time for Christmas , all the way from Philadelphia to Germany ( yellow is playing on radio while typing that [emoji169][emoji169]) from coldplayisawesome [emoji4] A lovely selfmade card with Confetti Butterflies and also ( selfmade ? ) Christmas lights and a Love Button [emoji173][emoji169] Thank you sooo much , Brooke [email protected]@ Only thing I am worried about is that I sent my parcel to my match about more than 2 weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet [emoji17] Merry happy, peaceful, joyful Christmas everyone, hole you have a lovely time [emoji318][emoji
  11. I was thinking about it a few days ago and here we go !
  12. Happy to say that my match got her parcel a few days ago ( it was sent back to me at the end of April and now I sent it again with a tracking number ..it will remain a mystery why she didn't get it earlier cause adress was 100 % correct ) it's what I said before in that thread: parcels sent with love can't get lost [emoji4][emoji177] Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  13. great idea ! Saarland, Germany AROBTTH
  14. I just read it again and its written tso funny and well you really FEEL like you have been there, I remember I read it on the train back home from work :) Meanwhile I was also backstage and I truly know this EXCITEMENT HYPERNERVOUS SWEATING feeling as well I can confirm Will is a gem :heart: When I met them I also had a little gift, it and me got sniffeld by the explosive dogs and the chocolate sadly wasn't allowed to bring backstage. it could be poisoned ( yes I understnad but I was completely dressed to join the show in Hannover and was so nervous , cause my long yearned dream was about
  15. always loved their music Unfortunately never saw them live :relieved:
  16. Mine also didnt arrived but as Oldiefan said DONT EVER GIVE UP!! Mine will be 2 months on its way now but I cant believe that packages sent and filled with love get lost [emoji177] Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  17. Even you have a real shit day there is always sth good to be found in every day . Some days you have to search a bit longer [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930F using Coldplaying mobile app
  18. wow !!!! THANK YOU all so much for that honour [emoji3][emoji847] how do I deserve 2 awards ???[emoji24][emoji15][emoji24] thats truly a big surprise !!!! I miss Jonnys smile so so much btw...and all the boys [emoji22][emoji24] and OMG Shreya I am so happy for you [emoji847][emoji8]. you deserve this price so much !!!! and of course congrats to all the other winners [emoji4] Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  19. Today I was at the customs office ( got a letter on Saturday that I received a package from overseas..Saturday's the office is closed) and it was my Secret Santa Package from @Shreya1975 [emoji7] I had to open it a bit in front of the officers, said it's a gift and then I headed to a long day at work .... At home I finally opened it and HOW MANY LOVELY and THOUGHTFULLY gifts came out of it [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] A heartwarming lovely letter ( once again I say I love your handwriting so much! ) and Christmas Card, lyrics printed on high quality paper like " Anything Is Possible " , " D
  20. I think the same but I am sure that packages full of love won't be lost [emoji173][emoji173][emoji173] My package I thought it was lost arrived safe & sound with package number 2 at the same day in India [emoji16] I am so happy so I got more confident my Secret Santa package will also arrive safly yes I am so sad and dissapointed and heartbroken they didn't post anything...I only hope that nothing badly has happened...that they are all healthy, ok and had a great Christmas ! Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  21. so beautiful and lovely [emoji173] that necklace [emoji7] Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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