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  1. Wow I lost the deadline after participating for a couple of years straight...... nice
  2. I don't think so. That station has always staff around
  3. Just received this amazing gift from @BiggerStronger! Thank you soooo much, I really loved it! Fun fact: I really want to go to Canada soon, so I'm very hyped to know before hand how does Maple Syrup taste like. I wish you an amazing new year, full of dreams and full of happiness.
  4. Just got a lovely card from Ohio! Couldn't figure out the user, but it's from E. Baxter. Probably the local post office and its inefficiency made it take so long, but I'm really glad it arrived. Thank you so much!!! [emoji170]
  5. I am quite mind open for what we could get with their next project (at this moment i'm kinda intrigued with the idea of not having a full-lenght album). I also truly dream of having an oldplay kinda based style, though can't see it happening. For the general public, Coldplay is the definition of a 'good-vibes' band that you can always hear playing on the radio and, obviously, the one that knows how to make an extraordinary concert. I particularly can't stand imagining their next tour being less incredible than MX's and AHFoD's, but that could imply making the same pop music. I'm totally di
  6. (smoothly re-enters on an old thread) Santa just made me remember that I haven't given any update whether I got my gift or not. Truth is that I was going through a lot of mess back in that time, and I just assumed I had already posted what I got. First of all I would like to apologize @I ran away for the void and any worries it may have caused. And I think it's never too late to thank you for what you sent me! I swear I totally freaked out when I opened the package (might had have tears also). Seriously, those are priceless things any coldplayer could ever wish for. The emotional and his
  7. This will be my first coldplay concert ever! Btw, I'm going to the extra show on Nov 8
  8. This will be my 4th time!!! So excited! I genuinely wait every year for this moment. :dazzled:
  9. I've just received those amazing gifts today from my lovely secret santa Rahul, from India! I've got a xmas card and tree decorations, a guide from his hometown, a stamp collection (i've always wanted one), and delicious chocolate treats! ... And this beautiful gift that made me shake!!!!! Thank you so much, Rahul! I can't express how happy I am with this. I immensely wish you an amazing Christmas and the best in your life for 2016. May you have a heart full of love and a head full of dreams! :)
  10. I just returned from a quick travel I made and found my gift waiting for me [emoji5] [emoji5] [emoji5] I LOVED IT ALL!!!! Thank you so much Kami12343 I was literally shaking while opening it haha And btw the Christmas tree is the cutest thing ever!!!!!! I am super happy! Thank you again! I wish you an incredible new year too!!!
  11. I haven't received yet and neither have sent! :confused: This december is so busy for me... Sorry, my secret santa, but you'll receive yours a little bit late
  12. Hey my secret santa, I haven't received nothing yet
  13. Today... Actually I had a nightmare, Chris was in the place of Schumacher :cry: have you ever farted in public?
  14. No, I do not. Thank you Do you punch the wall when you're stressed?
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