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  1. Rob W

    Tv Advertisment

    :lol: good point, but thats the evil world of record companies isnt it
  2. Rob W

    Tv Advertisment

    ah right, its an old ad then? i thought it was new hehe. yeah ad's back on to scrape some xmas sales, which im sure they will :lol:
  3. Rob W

    Tv Advertisment

    Has anyone else seen the new TV advert for XandY? looks cool, it was on itv today at about 3pm.
  4. Rob W

    New DVD?

    u can tel from the pic they use, it seem all unoffical things have that pic lol
  5. http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=2124592005 I didnt know about this, have i just missed it in the news?
  6. They need to record the dam album first! hehe
  7. i got GCSE in french too lol! and im terrible, exams must be easy! lol Ca va? i think thats means how are you lol
  8. so x and y hasnt even been released in canada yet!!! oh my god! :o
  9. Rob W


    What a song! Is there a studio recording anywhere of this? what a great line: "I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off!" haha :lol:
  10. They're doin manchester yay! i live in l'pool so only bout 45mins away. however i did see them in bolton, you think i should not go and let others have a chnace of a ticket?
  11. Its just a jacket! that he prob only wore for an hour!
  12. I hope the americans dont think they own him now, i hate it when someone british moves over there.
  13. I dont wanna sound rude, but it sounds a bit cheesy and unrealistic.
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