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  1. Worst Coldplay album ever. Didn't think that Higher Power would be the best song after Coloratura. It seems that Coldplay is dead. Gonna listen now to AROBTTH and remember the good old times. So dissapointed.
  2. From what I've heard now in the preview: this song has the potencial to become the worst Coldplay song ever. Why is there a collaboration on every album now?!? I just want to hear Coldplay, not this other sh**.
  3. Can someone send me "The race" via PN? 🙂
  4. Just heard/read about the rumors today - and you're already talking about it for days ðŸĪŠ
  5. Discovered his music a short time ago. Awesome! The song "Always" is just perfect.
  6. Concert was much better than in Gelsenkirchen. The band was in a good mood. But I was very dissappointed at AOALT. The crowd not really understood that they had to go down and jump up again. That worked in Gelsenkirchen.
  7. Amazing song! Reminds me of "No more keeping my feet on the ground".
  8. Theo EP isn't released yet, right? Can't order it anywhere.... .
  9. Best song of the album. Not as aperfect as the live version due to the fact, that Jonny's guitar is suppressed.
  10. As bad as "Princess of China". Holy crap.
  11. Received it a few hours ago from Amazon and heard it now for the first time: worst Coldplay Album. I'm totally disappointed. There are just three songs, which are really amazing: "Everglow", the best song, "Amazing day" and "Up&up" (live version is better). "Hymn of the Weekend" is just as bad as "Princess of China". The bonus track behind "X marks a spot" is amiss (Rap or something like that). The other songs are ok but must grow on me - nothing special.
  12. Heard now the live version for the first time: incredible.
  13. Where can I hear it? Can anyone post a link please.
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