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  1. 1. Birds 2. Everglow 3. Up & Up 4. AOAL 5. AHFOD 6. Fun 7. Kaleidoscope 8. Army of one 9. Amazing day 10. X marks the spot 11. HFTW 12. Colour spectrum
  2. 'My heart boo-boom boo-boom boom', Seriously?! I used to laugh at Katy Perry for singing things like that.. Overall, i think the album is not bad, i enjoy it, pretty sure it will grow. There are some really good 'moments': The guitar at the end of the AHFOD intro, Jonny's solo and the overall bassline in Birds, The rawness of Chris's voice and the instrumental piano part in Everglow, the funk in AOAL, the perfect blend of instruments and words in Kaleidoscope and just a lot lot more. There are some really good songs too: Birds (best song since 2009 for me), Up&Up (sure the live version is a lot better), AHFOD (really atmospheric, sets you ready for what's to come), Army of one (really like the synths and the phrase 'my heart is a gun, army of one'). And yes, even X marks the spot does something good for me, i really appreciate some parts of the instrumental. The picking guitar mixed with the sweeping synths, yes. The lyrics, meh, worse than meh. Colour spectrum would be nice as real interlude, not as a seperate title on the tracklist. Overall: 7/10, it has a good potential but with more power and a better production (less bullshit, more clear and powerfull instruments) it would enclose more magic moments, more classics. From the outside most of the songs on the album are so not coldplay, but from the inside they just really are, all those small details en the overall feeling gives you a rush to all era's.
  3. It reminds me of fast car by Tracy Chapman, the guitar riff mainly. Anyone else?
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