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  1. XMTS should have been a b-side imo. I think it gets a bad rap as well. It's undeniably catchy and shows the band's production talents. My main issue is the bass synths sound almost exactly like Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar and the song itself sandwiched between Army of One and Amazing Day is a weird transition. Coldplay usually is SO good at putting together thoughtful tracklists. I'm curious how MOTS is gonna flow and if there's MOTS II and MOTS III, how they will all tie together into a larger listening experience.
  2. Having had the leak for a few months now, I wasn't that excited for this to drop but the new snippet sounds significantly better mastered/mixed. Now I'm really excited because I'm wondering if there's other big changes on vocals or maybe some instruments on this final studio version. I do think this will be a better-received song than HP. Of course some folks won't like this style or the feature, but as a lover of good pop music I think it's fun. Spoiler Thoughts/Questions:
  3. Following up here to agree & relate with some recent posts. As a fan for like 17+ years now, it really took the AHFOD era to come to terms with the fact Coldplay will forevermore release a hodge-podge of genres, which will occasionally include stunning moments like Coloratura, Trouble In Town, and Arabesque -- tracks almost every fan can agree are next level in songwriting, production and artistry. I too feel a bit of pain knowing they are capable of making music that would potentially be 10/10 classic level for most critics, but they can't help but put out some bad lyrics and corny chorus
  4. It's interesting because closing tracks tend to be the critical statement for so many Coldplay albums and tours. Indeed they performed O, DAAHF, Up&Up, Amsterdam, Everything's Not Lost on those respective tours. But Twisted Logic and Up With The Birds were exceptions here.... I think Coloratura is doable but it would be more of an immersive performance vs played 100% live. Unless Coldplay finally decides to tour with extra musicians to play strings, glockenspiel, extra keyboards, synths etc, which I don't think will happen. I could see them doing the opening of the song on piano and b
  5. Do you all think that this song will end up being Life Is Beautiful or will it be♾️?? Or will it be neither? What's confusing is the snippet both have elements of Life Is Beautiful.
  6. ^Love that optimism and thanks for sharing! I too will hope for this. There's at least got to be a chorus on the song and I also suspect we'll get some sort of solo from Jonny! I also really, really hope that it's a crazy technical solo like Up&Up, HLH or even Major Minus which is just really intense and distorted. And even if I don't love it, the flip side is that it's cool Coldplay is delivering a rock song in 2021 and trying a new vibe on. Who knows, maybe it'll be one of the top tracks!
  7. POTP! It's a weird coincidence. I guess it's possible the melody or something from WOTW/POTP gets resused? We'll see. It's a weird song title. This tracks is probably the one I feel most nervous about based on the snippet. Full disclaimer, I'm a huge fan of heavy rock music -- including metal, punk, hardcore, etc. I also just love general indie rock music that incorporates lots of guitar effects and solos and easy-going vibes. This style of rock however, the Muse-esque turn-up-the-fuzz and play a repetitive pompous rhythm is not my jam. Now Muse has some real barn-burners and I think
  8. Good research all. Yeah I'm pretty thoroughly convinced that we WILL get multiple albums/releases over the next year. It's definitely true that they've used Vol. 1 before inaccurately, and I'd include Global Citizen EP Vol. 1 by Los Unidades in that grouping. That said, it just makes sense for these reasons: The band had to delay releases/tour during the pandemic, so they have more time in studio if they want it. Releasing MORE music is a big trend right now amongst popular artist (i.e. Taylor Swift with Evermore and Folklore). We know Coldplay has TONS of unreleased tracks from pa
  9. What's so interesting about Coldplay throughout their career is how songs can have a total different feel with production and mixing. Coloratura is a next-level musical engineering experience that feels 10x better put together than Higher Power and the leaked MU. Sometimes music just has such a professional, rich sound to it that just feels classic. The production on this song reminds me quite a bit of Random Access Memories, and given how there's gonna be some dancy songs on the record that might be a good comparison album, given how Coldplay often will give big pop songs, then big rock songs
  10. My profile picture finally has paid off. I don't know y'all this is just too much to take right now. TLDR: My love for this song couldn't be more. I had accepted that Everyday Life might be one of the last moments this band would stay within my music taste, but I never expected this. It's absurdly incredible, it's everything that the band has worked to achieve and in many ways it feels like their singular magnum opus, so far. Longer winding reaction, just like the song:
  11. For me a top song that has basically three phases is Sicko Mode by Travis Scott and Drake. So excited to hear what the band does with 10 minutes!
  12. I'm just bombing this thread rn, but I have a weird theory that I'm curious what folks think. So it appears the track listing includes several "interlude" type tracks similar to MX. Artistically, I like interludes because they help pad songs out and give a transition from big exciting songs to quieter songs (i.e. Us Against the World into MMIX into ETIAW). The length of interludes also helps Coldplay fine-tune album length to get that 42 minute mark. HOWEVER -- I couldn't help but notice that it's odd how short some of them are on MOTS when there's also a 10 minute song! My theory is Cold
  13. Sorry folks who are feeling MU is being spoiled. I'm gonna put my thoughts under spoilers and would ask others reply like that too.
  14. Wow Colotura is gonna have a lot on it's plate! That's nearly a quarter of the album's run time, so it has a lot riding on it being good. Based on the snippets tho, it sounds absolutely incredible, almost like something Elton John would do but then with some epic Daft-Punk-Random-Access-Memories style spacey orchestral instrumentation. SO EXCITED TO HEAR IT
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