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  1. Remember at the end of the GS era where we thought they were teasing the themes and imagery of the next era in the ASFOS and True Love videos? We were kinda right as the album ended up being inspirational and colorful. The reason I bring it up is a) Champion of the world had planets and b) the new site has a similar theme to this below:
  2. Coldplay tends to be pretty "universal" and global when referring to faith and belief, so I don't think there'd be anything overtly Christian in whatever they do. But referring to holy books and mythology is a cool way to tease, if that is truly their intention. And agree that having the Race taken down shows it will be released, backing up Phil's statement. But when is anybody's guess.
  3. Will just seems like the nicest guy in the world. He's so so humble and self deprecating but not in an annoying way. I really enjoyed listening to this interview and would recommend others give it the time. Made me appreciate Parachutes a lot, especially Ken Nelson. It sounds like he was super good at reeling in Chris around the songs and letting the band find their organic sound. As much as I wish they'd go back to sounding this raw and indie, I'm super appreciative of Parachutes as it is.
  4. Does anyone remember if Everyday Life was released or teased according to the moons? I remember last year at this time we were speculating heavily about the moons but I don't remember them ever paying off. For me it's just a cool part of their website that's built in. Some sort of moon-phase widget that doesn't mean anything other than showing the moon phase. Hope I'm wrong, but I've seen a lot of speculation on reddit and discord about this too.
  5. Not to crap on the excitement of the band recently updating their logos and some of the symbols on the website.... but to bring in my other fandom, My Chemical Romance updated their logo last fall and advertised "The Return" a reunion tour that's been put off by a year, and they still haven't released any new music.... So while the EL era seems to be officially over, I don't think we have any new evidence of a new era popping up in the coming weeks. Hopefully I'm wrong. But they won't release new music unless they can tour it and given that 2020 is basically erased from the calendar, I wonder if they won't actually be able to tour until 2022, which would push new music back to 2021.
  6. Mixed feelings about Max Martin...He's produced some really amazing pop songs over the past few decades that feel timeless and cross over mutliple genres -- Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith. The Weeknd's great last album was pretty alternative and he worked on that.The guy is clearly very talented and can work within the sound of the artists who hire him. And I'd love to see Coldplay have another top song on the level of Viva La Vida or Paradise or Fix You -- and maybe Max Martin can help hone a modern Coldplay classic for the 2020's. But yeah I don't want LP9 to be completely a pop record. I felt the same about AHFOD when stargate was producing but that ended up having pletny of solid rock-ish songs, so IDK. It's so hard to predict what they'll do. I've tried since MX and never have been very close. Their albums combine so many genres at this point that the best guess is that there will be every genre ...
  7. Aperture is based on f-values, so this twitter account is essentially saying to set a camera's aperture to f/2.024 ?? Which doesn't really exist on a camera, but an aperture of f/2 is fairly standard. But what are we supposed to look at? Seems pretty trolly.
  8. Boy I picked a swell weekend to be out of internet service and now the leak's off Youtube & Twitter. If it's floating around it'd be great for folks to share over DM (but also not for me)
  9. The final product will be really interesting... I wonder if they need to rerecord it to get Guy's approval? Personally based on the snippets, I can see why this is a B-side and I'm worried it sounds a bit messy. I LOVE the intro with the wobbly synths and that vocal sample but the guitar just feels like U2 and the rhythm section sounds fairly plain and by the numbers. Like a lot of the Ghost Stories era I'm worried the beat will be sterile. (sorry GS stans, I love this album but not the percussion). But it sounds like a really interesting progressive and catchy song at the same time...
  10. Man I want to get stoned with Guy and Will..... sounds fun. Maybe that was a late post in response to the AHFOD watch party referencing some part of the film? We're not far off from 20th Anniversary of Parachutes so I'm starting to get a little bit excited about the next month and potential for some new stuff or at least a re-release.
  11. LOVE the Parachutes Anniversary theory from you Jordanator 😉 Given the most concrete evidence "from the horses mouth," we're getting The Race, maybe UATW 2.0,, maybe UFO 2.0 etc... they could be releasing a compendium of reworks, demos, and a few new b-sides to celebrate 20 years since LP1. Radiohead did this last year with a re-release of OK Computer with new b-sides. This would also feel more appropriate during COVID-19 since it's a look back and wouldn't need to be advertised too much.
  12. It'd be fun to go back to every other album speculation stage and pull out some of the theories we've come up with as a community. This theory about music theory and Jacob Collier is really interesting but i'd be shocked if it were true. Coldplay's always strayed away from being "snooty" or "academic" about their music so it'd be weird for them to drop an album with an essay explaining the themes and concepts. I do think jacob will be a part of Lp9 tho. He was part of producing Everyday Life and I bet they did some LP9 songs during that time as well
  13. I lean on the side of doubting it's a direct sequel to MX... but I am intrigued that there's another UFO and Chris said they'd release an updated UATW at some point... The band has never officialy released a re-done track so it would be new territory for them. 2021 is going to be the 10 year anniversary of the album, so maybe they do a reissue or something. But concerning LP9 or Music of the Spheres, I think that will be its own thing and they could just be recycling some cutting room tracks.
  14. It's all good, should have included links but got wrapped up in work. Coldplay posted this photo to advertise Chris' last together at home show a few weeks back. If you look closely, you'll see the guitar has a song label "Rescue St." This week, I Ran Away has been doing amazing investigating into this and has a great Twitter page you can check out and follow for more info. Basically, I Ran Away found evidence in this interview and in images that Rescue St. is a song.
  15. So the exciting news on the Discord is that the track "Rescue St." is basically confirmed. It was originally on the tracklist for Mylo Xyloto but Chris said in an interview it had an acapella bridge that sounded like crap so they cut it. Contextually that conversation was about experimenting with Brian Eno, so always good to hear of more tracks that have his influence! BUT NOW -- we've seen in an official Coldplay social media post an acoustic guitar labeled "Rescue St." implying that Chris was recently working on the song. Personally, I'm excited to hear anything that originated during the Viva/MX eras. So far, Arabesque and ALIENS have been some of their best newer material, so I'm optimistic. But also, acapella sounds potentially more pop-oriented, and some of the pop during the MX era wasn't my cup of tea... so we'll see.
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