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  1. Yeah that's the only thing that is bothering me tbh ... What the prism thing mean I think is: From one ray you produce a lot of rey and with anything it's possible it means that from one situation you can have a lot of possibility . *sits and wait for the COLDPLAY EXPOSED VIDEO!!!! showing us this image and pretending that coldplay is illuminati*:rolleyes: :laugh3:
  2. I love this video as it put a smile on my self, but ... Am I the only one who think that the message of the video and the story has nothing to do with the song True love ?
  3. LMAOOO it feels like the posts before lead us magically to that music video I call it magic .
  4. Oh god stop complaining , if they can do a fun video while raising awareness and donating to a charity Why the f Not? The videos are not supposed to be serious ...As a celebrity (or not) you do the video , some people look at it, have a laugh , maybe donate money or know about this cause and then we'll forget the video in 2 weeks .
  5. I'm rediscovering "moses", it's on repeat since a week , this song is so awesome, this song describe the ultimate love for someone without sounding cheesy . And the beat is so awesome omg . :cry:
  6. Did you saw there is rumors of him and Jennifer Lawrence . Let's play a who's next : Him and nicki minaj you turn :laugh3:
  7. Well lets say he evolved, like a pokemon :laugh3:
  8. i just saw an early interview of them where he says "I'm not some guy who wear sunglasses and earrings" :laugh3:
  9. Which they'd stop talking about their love life , or just by public statements
  10. Guys on the websource rihanna diva there is an article talking about "Home" an animation movie where she does the voice of the principal caracter , with Jim parsons.I found a Jim parson quote saying "I did a little session of voice dubbing h with Rihanna and Chris martin but otherwise you're alone". There is no other information about that on the internet. I wonder which character he does .
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