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  1. Absolutely amazing song. Video helped make it too. Well done!
  2. That is a freaking amazing song! Wow. One of best Coldplay tunes I’ve ever heard.
  3. can u send me the mp3 of Flags?

  4. that's the best song off the album imo - even in low quality and i love the rest of the album
  5. link please and thanks!

    1. Yasuko


      Sure x [URL unfurl="true"]https://mega.nz/#!KrI2ASQA!6Pkjv-l5Q1kCzr31QSgZXPsskfytDcXYQLVijHEGHpg[/URL]

    2. Durk
    3. Durk


      Yasuko - can u send me the you tube rip of Flags? i think it may be higher quality than then the spotify one- thanks!

  6. too hard for me to rank albums tbt i enjoy them all for what they are
  7. just wanted to share this somewhere; when Ghost Stories came out i really struggled with how to drum to the studio version because of all the programmed drums/percussion involved (this was before the live version came out- many of those song versions i liked better for that reason. more alive/less sterile) anyway- upon hearing the single Everyday Life last week-...i thought, same struggle; drums are weak- rim clocks and couple cymbal swells. so yesterday i played to it just like i did with Ghost Stories- using Will's (or computer's?) beats as a kind of click track- and playing loudly over
  8. he said in interview was 'short' double album
  9. Y'all are crazy in the best way possible lol
  10. reading thru this thread...it's good to remember that this is ALL just speculation.
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