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  1. Thank you so much, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Hello everyone! I recently lost my HD with all things Coldplay and on my sage ongetting everything back together again I am looking for a specific set of pictures. Somewhere on the internet there are kinda of HD pictures of Vicky's artwork used on the Viva Era 9some of them are the covers for the Viva singles, but there were other samples) and I woul be very thankful if someone could help me find them? Or maybe you already have them and wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks anyway!
  3. Hi everyone, I can't get access to the gallery, has something happened?
  4. I'm sure Arabesque will be the closing song on the new set AND I CAN'T WAIT Imagine how mindblowing it will be with an extended section of that closing part just growing and growing with all of us singing "the same fucking blood" at the top of our lungs?
  5. [MEDIA=instagram]B4A0ZnHFnzm[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4A0ZnHFnzm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. When I tuned in (late) to the listening party I got just the last 30 sec or so of the song and HOLY HELL I WAS HIT SQUARELY IN THE FACE BY THE SHEER BRILLANCE!!!!!!! Then I went back and listened to the whole thing and it gets even better each time I listen to it. I got instantly transported to a jam session on a rooftop in Istambul or something.
  7. Chris said that the song started during the making of VLV, when Eno "kicked him out" so the rest of the band + Eno started the song with a jam session that he initially did not like and then merged it with the lyrics for Arabesque.
  8. For sure! I've been a little bit disappointed with Chris's lyrics for a while... kudos for trying to talk about big important topics, but he does it so lightly....
  9. I got on the Orphans train from the get go, but I have to say that I was a little unsure during the first few minutes of Arabesque.... but the end of the song, I mean, it's beyond incredible!!!! :awesome:
  10. Hey guys! This is my second Coldplay tattoo, done weeks before I saw their concert last year. I've wanted to do this design for so long but I was waiting for the right moment... so when they annouced a concert on my birthday I knew that that was it! I chose this design because I did not want anything too obvious and I always thought that the artworks form the AROBTTH Era are so stunning! Thats also the Era where I fell in love with the band, and Clocks was the first Coldplay song that I listened to.
  11. Hey Stephen, I think there was a mistake with the dates. The concerts will happen in november, not december as described in the title of thread. ;)
  12. So there's this rumour that Coldplay will be back in Brazil in november :eek: It's just a rumour, I know, but the Guy who disclosed the information is the same on that ALWAYS knows when they are gonna come ahead of everyone. SO I'M CLEARLY BEYOND EXCITED:heart_eyes: EDIT: there's also news of a concert in Argentina
  13. Well, there's a strong rumour that they're gonna be back in Latin America I'M DYING
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