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  1. MUSE EN SANTIAGO hi anybody from santiago? does somebody will see muse in santiago de 26 de julio? cos i´m going with some friends, and i´m looking for company to hang around the city and go to the gig. anybody there? gracias
  2. teatro gran rex hi hermanos argentinos i´m planning to see Muse´s gig in buenos aires at teatro gran rex. so, as i suppose some of you have gone there to see coldplay or any other bands, doesn´t matter. so, i would like you to help me with choosing the best sector available on theater. i mean, is it better stay in the platea or in the super pullman?. i think in platea you´re closer to band, but in super pullman maybe you have a better view of stage and band, but it depends from arena to arena. what do you say? gracias.
  3. so, i read a article on web, that crhis martis lost his virginity with 22 years old. is it true?
  4. i'm thinking of going to GP of Brazil this year. it's in october 22nd. the last gp
  5. sure. i have one song of them. close i like it cheers
  6. they'll come to south america in october/november cheers
  7. radiohead na américa do sul em novembro saúde
  8. so, is it true that thom yorke made sex with michael stipe?:)
  9. so, how do you think it's gonna be the qualifying? i think honda or mclaren will do the pole.
  10. debs é uma vadia. se eu encontrar com ela um dia eu vou dar uns sopapos nessa cadela
  11. esse fórum ficou uma droga. prefiro o modelo anterior.
  12. what is hardest to learn? swedish or finnish? eheh
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