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  1. I noticed the same thing. This was a chance for them to get a bunch of new subscribers, but can't say I'm impressed if they're going to be making those kinds of mistakes.
  2. 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head 2. Mylo Xyloto 3. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 4. Parachutes 5. X&Y 6. Ghost Stories AROBTTH gave me Clocks and the Scientist, which are two of my top 5 songs, so that's why it's #1. Mylo Xyloto I put really high, not because of the studio versions, but because of the live versions of Charlie Brown, Hurts Like Heaven, and Paradise. Plus, it was the first tour where I actually made it to a concert (Hollywood Bowl on 1 May 12), so it's probably ranked high just cause of the positive association. I have a hunch LP7 will rank fairly high!
  3. Thanks for the response, seems like they've been add it for a while, hopefully that means there's not too much time to go! It definitely makes sense that they stopped to make GS and are now heading back to the studio to finish AHFoD, or maybe they were working on them at the same time
  4. Did they just sign on to work on the album or have they been producing it for a while now? Not sure if we know that, but it would give a better indication of when we can expect a release!
  5. Clocks, Yea I'm not sure what it is about Another's Arms that makes it my least favorite. I think it's just the fact that it's one that I regularly skip over, but I can't quite put a finger on it. If we include the "deluxe" version, I think I'd make All Your Friends my least favorite. It seems like Princess of China is pretty close to unanimous for MX though!
  6. Man, this was a lot harder than I thought, especially for the first 3 albums. Like most everyone else, I don't hate these songs, I just don't listen to them often, but my least favorite of all of these is Another's Arms. 1. Parachutes (Parachutes) 2. A Whisper (A Rush of Blood to the Head) 3. X&Y (X&Y) 4. Lost! (Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends) 5. Princess of China (Mylo Xyloto) 6. Another's Arms (Ghost Stories) And for all of you freaking out about other people's opinions....r-e-l-a-x.
  7. For a thread that's trying to stay factual, I don't see anything about that quote that factually says that they'll start the tour in South America. Just because it's at the "front of their minds" doesn't mean that it's at the front of the tour. It must be frustrating for fans in Brazil and South America that the Mylo Xyloto tour was cancelled there, I'm sure they'll make it up to you one way or another.
  8. Regardless of the math, you're assuming that your opinions are fact haha. While you're entitled to your opinions, it's like the old saying goes, one person's garbage is another person's treasure...and vice versa. I don't think the number of songs on an album equals the quality you get, it depends what a band's goals are. If your goal is to have 20 songs on an album, then yea you'll probably get some songs that shouldn't have been there in the first place, because you're just making up songs to reach that goal. On the other hand, if you have 20 ideas for great songs already, then the album
  9. For the record dalekslayer96, yes...I like X&Y, it gave us Fix You and Til Kingdom Come, after all. Is it my favorite of all their albums? No, but doesn't mean it can't still be good. Anyway, I agree with Kingzilla...on to the facts and new developments!
  10. Hey everyone, new member here! I was just reading the thread and catching up on everyone's reaction to LP7. I think Chris has made it known in many interviews that he loves all kinds of music, including pop (katy perry, One Direction) and EDM, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the new album go in that direction. The bottom line, though, is that no matter what they release, we're all going to want to head to the concerts. They get better every year, despite the current album. In my opinion, the MX tour was their best tour to date, because we heard new variations of the old combined with th
  11. Hey Everyone! I'm a new member and just wanted to say hi. My name is Andre and I live in Anchorage, Alaska in the USA. I'm originally from Miami, so I'm a bit far from home, but love it here! Look forward to interacting with you fellow Coldplay fans! All the best! Cheers, -Andre
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