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  1. Hey guys. I‘ve tickets for the 2nd and need two tickets for the 3th. Thats two early entry and i will swap it. Is here somebody?
  2. Hey guys. I‘ve tickets for the 2nd and need two tickets for the 3th. Thats two early entry and i will swap it. Is here somebody?
  3. i got two early access for munich on ticketmaster. is this front of stage?
  4. I don't think so. I won a M&G in Offenbach and Chris was not there but the Telekom says nothing about this. ;)
  5. The Shoot for the audience is done already. No Coldplay involved at this Point.
  6. Chris is not there today says the Manager of the Stadium.
  7. The Band is not there. So fans says that Coldplay will do an extra shoot without the audience this afternoon?
  8. So Freddyos. How you get the camera in the stadium?
  9. Its to hard for me to believe that the idea behind this project didn't happen. I need a connection to ther managament or label to ask for a primission to film on ther shows like a photograph.
  10. It was so great :) but the sound was little bit to loud.
  11. Yaaaaaa. :) Greetings from Gelsenkirchen :) [MEDIA=instagram]BGHmUkeQqeK[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGHmUkeQqeK/
  12. i saw it and i liked it flockofbirds. good luck for this :)
  13. The problem is. To bring the camera to a concert. Is not allowed.
  14. Hello guys, my name is Dennis from germany. I love the Band and the Messages behind the great songs. So i had a great idea to present the concerts here in germany. I'm a owner of a german youtube channel with an community with over 420.000 follower and 120.000.000 views. so my idea was to took my camera and show a few snippets in my videos and follow coldplay to gelsenkirchen, london, berlin and hamburg. what do you think guys? i know that many fans here in germany or on the world would meet the band but i want not meet the band. my idea was to show the greatness of the concerts, the energy
  15. So i tried my best.. :D Tomorrow!!! (: [MEDIA=instagram]BGC03snwqXf[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGC03snwqXf/
  16. Hey, the weather for wednesday is bad. heavy storm. :(
  17. Hey guys, the german tv station "ARD" was in Barcelona. So they do a documentation about Coldplay and the concert. You can watch it here. It starts at minute 21:00. http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/ttt-titel-thesen-temperamente/Die-Sendung-vom-29-Mai-2016/Das-Erste/Video?bcastId=431902&documentId=35642866
  18. So i love the idea behind this project. :) I hope you get your attention with more likes/views on this video. :) Good luck and great job. :)
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