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  1. Adam94


    No, thats just due to it being zane lowes world record of the day. If you go on Spotify/itunes now its on the album version without that.
  2. Adam94


    Listening to the album version, it has really started to grow on me. Wasn't too sure about the lyrics at first but they aren't too bad, also the piano is lovely. I just wish it didn't have the submarine sounds on it >.<
  3. Just checked my tickets and iv also got a row number, but it is just GA1 (general admission 1) and then 4 seat numbers. I assume this is purely for ticketmaster numbers and for sending out tickets, not an actual area where you have to go... If I was to guess id say the numbers are just the number ticket you bought in order.
  4. Also missed this, wish I could edit my order to upgrade!
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]33039[/ATTACH] Thats the map for wembley so yeah looks like a straight split between areas
  6. Did anyone notice if there was a price difference in the blue/orange? I rushed too much to check details like that
  7. Not really sure, it is the same for the Etihad dates... but Orange and Blue instead :laugh3:
  8. The only thing I could guess is maybe left/right side of stage, due to the expected stage leak the other day maybe they are splitting general admission like that?
  9. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tickets booked! :dance::dance::dance:
  10. Got my copy this morning, really good read I thought. Even if it did take me visiting around 8 shops to find it :laugh3:
  11. Must be me being an idiot :laugh3: Iv had rotten luck with pre sales in the past though so will have to see.
  12. Same! I thought on amazon it said you could only got two tickets in the presale but in this email it sais 4 per code! Helps me a lot if it is
  13. Search via stadium rather than searching coldplay :) that works brings up prices etc
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