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  1. Hi, could you please send me the link for the 1080p concert film Live in São Paulo? I’d appreciate it a lot, thank you!

  2. Life In Technicolor [14] (-2) Cemeteries Of London [26] Lost! [18] 42 [16] Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love [19] Yes [6] Viva La Vida [22] Violet Hill [22] Strawberry Swing [22] (+1) Death and All His Friends [22] Life In Technicolor ii [24] Postcards From Far Away [20] Glass of Water [21] Rainy Day [21] Prospekt's March/Poppyfields [22] Lost+ (with JAY-Z) [3] Lovers In Japan - Osaka Sun Mix [2] Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground [14]
  3. A Head Full Of Dreams [22] Birds [30] Hymn For The Weekend [18] Everglow [21] Adventure Of A Lifetime [17] Fun (feat. Tove Lo) [19] Kaleidoscope [2] (-2) Army of One [15] (+1) Amazing Day [21] Up&Up [20]
  4. Mylo Xyloto [20] Hurts Like Heaven [21] Paradise [25] Charlie Brown [18] Us Against The World [23] M.M.I.X [14] (-2) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall [24] Major Minus [16] U.F.O [17] Princess Of China [16] Up In Flames [4] (+1) Don't Let It Break Your Heart [14] Up With The Birds [23] BONUS: Christmas Lights [24] just trying to save UiF :(
  5. Don't Panic [29] Shiver [21] Spies [18] Sparks [25] (+1) Yellow [20] Trouble [22] Parachutes [10] (-2) We Never Change [9] Life is for living [14]
  6. Politik [26] In My Place [21] Clocks [20] God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [4] (-2) The Scientist [18] Green Eyes [19] Warning Sign [18] (+1) A Rush Of Blood To The Head [33]
  7. Square One [22] What If [8] White Shadows [19] Fix You [21] Talk [23] X & Y [7] (-2) Speed of Sound [23] A Message [21] Low [22] The Hardest Part [21] Swallowed in the Sea [16] (+1) Twisted Logic [13]
  8. Another's Arms was forgotten after KRIZER's post :/ Always In My Head [17] Magic [16] Ink [22] True Love [15] Midnight [25] Another's Arms [15] (+1) Oceans [20] Fly On [23] (-2)
  9. Piura, Perú. Favourite song: Fix You
  10. Yeah, the violin part is kinda upbeat, so that's why I think that song is not Miracles but I agree the beginning is soooo Coldplay-esque
  11. While I REALLY love Atlas, I'm aware that it was a little too simple, musically and lyrically, so maybe that was the reason of it not being nominated. Anyway, let's go back to the next topic... OMG NEW COLDPLAY SONG! :D
  12. I think it's Paradise because I'm pretty sure everyone has heard that "para-para-paradise" hook...
  13. Very very sorry to hear that. Trust me, there's hope for everyone. Just don't let this bring you down, you and your siblings have to be brave and do your best, do it for your mom, she wouldn't like you to be sad. I had to say this because your comment touched me when I read it. My best wishes to you and your family! :) Now, the main topic: my thoughts about 2014. I think it's been a great year, my dad managed to stay in his work for another 5 years so that's great! My mom was also promoted so my parents are happy. Moreover, they've bought a lawn so maybe next year they'll start to build a new house and we'll move to that place (which is also a better place! :D) This is also my last year of school! I'm excited to go to college, but I'm also sad because I'll miss my friends A LOT, and I'm not going to be in the classes with my best friend, so that makes me really sad. Hopefully, we'll stay in contact by internet. I'm also really excited for the prom night. I'm sure it will be one of the most memorable nights of my life! Next month I'm turning 17, and next year I'll be 18! Wow, time passes so fast... My mom wants me to go abroad and work, so I can get some money to help them pay things, so I'm hoping to go to Europe in January-February 2016. And another thing, I LOVE Ghost Stories, one of my favorite albums by Coldplay. I really hope they'll release a new album next year, together with my other two favorite bands: Muse and Radiohead (although the last one isn't confirmed). Oh, and also Imagine Dragons, I have high hopes for them. I'm also getting to know Kodaline, I think it's a really good band, and it reminds me of Coldplay so, I really like it! Regarding the lows; my aunt is suffering from arthritis, which is a very painful disease, sometimes I hear her cry, I really hope she gets better. Also, I tried to get a scolarship for a college in my city, but I didn't manage to get it, so that's a big dissapointment, but it's not the end of the world, I will try to help my parents to pay my studies. All in all, it's been a great year so far, and I really hope this year and next remain like this, or maybe something special can happen... who knows? maybe Coldplay or another good band giving a concert in/near my country next year? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Troyani

    The song Game!

    Everything in its right place - Radiohead
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