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  1. A lead (or follow-up) single is always the "pop-iest" sounding song on the record. Remember that. Think the following singles: Everyday Life: Orphans A Head Full of Dreams: AOAL/Hymn for the Weekend Ghost Stories: Magic Mylo Xyloto: ETIAW/Paradise Viva la Vida or DAOHF: Viva La Vida Don't lose hope based off 15 seconds people. I actually think the new sound is huge, in the best possible way.
  2. Well, judging by their latest social media post, that's its for the Everyday Life era. Onwards to LP9!
  3. Church wasn't live, I dare say it's because Chris mentioned he might have trouble singing it in that "Road to Jordan" video. Chris is singing live in Trouble in Town though.
  4. Just on "The Spheres" thing. In a Geological sense, 'the spheres' are the 4 spheres that make up the Earth. Biosphere - all living things Lithosphere - The Earth's crust and all non-living things (mountains, rock, ground etc) Atmosphere - The gases surrounding the planet (in their many layers) Hydrosphere - All of the water on the Earth's surface. Seeing as Coldplay like to celebrate life and our planet, wouldn't surprise me if this was the theme. Never thought my real life job might be relevant to a potential Coldplay album! haha.
  5. Coldplay aren't touring this album, it's looking like they'll only play a few shows... If they want to keep the momentum up, I dare say LP9 will be out mid next year, pretty much like the GS/AHFOD structure. As for the 2024 thing... That's super intriguing.
  6. This is a little off topic, but has anyone else noticed how fit and healthy Chris is looking? 42 years old? Apparently Vampires do exist.
  7. When I Need A Friend has Jacob Collier all over it. It's fucking glorious.
  8. Just finished VLVODAAHF again. Truly brilliant. If EL even comes close to it, i'll be ecstatic.
  9. Yeeeppp, unfortunately they're shallow, gossip and drama-driven pop-culturalists with no depth or genuine interest in anything but a cheap headline.
  10. Even though any chance to hear Chris speak is always cherished, as an Australian, do yourself a favour and don't bother listening to Kyle and Jackie O. They're the worst kind of people and it wouldn't surprise me if they ask Chris some pretty deliberately personal questions.
  11. You have to remember, when they inevitably tour LP9, it's very likely they'll play songs from Everyday Life. Whilst EL won't get a dedicated tour, we'll still hear the songs live.
  12. Anyone catch Coldplay's latest social media post? Looks like they're going to be texting people details about the album...
  13. EL is for Coldplay, LP9 is for Parlophone.
  14. So pretty much LP9 is the big, poppy touring album (AHFOD) and EL is the smaller, experimental project (Ghost Stories). Deja vu anyone?
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