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  1. Most of their slower songs evoke a calming feeling in me. They seem to have that down to a tee. :)
  2. The word "lights" in Fix You reminds me of the heavens and the stars and how it will fix me for the better, lol. :)
  3. How is everybody doing, lol? :) Who is awesome here, lol. Raise their hands, lol. :)
  4. mcpon14


    I'm so bored that I'm going to type about how bored I am, lol. :)
  5. I've been trying to find this Coldplay song that I loved in the past. I loved the soothing non-words part of the song. :) I don't remember any of the lyrics because I wasn't interested or paying attention to it, lol. :)
  6. Alright, I'll bite, lol. What are your favorite Coldplay lyrics, lol? :)
  7. I don't know if this is the message of "Swallowed by the Sea" but I saw it as a significant other wanting me to go along with that person instead of being a conformist, lol. :) I used to sing this song all of the time out in public with people giving me weird looks, lol. :)
  8. Do you get excited and have all of these ideas bombarding you when you see a blank piece of paper? :)
  9. Deadpool -- 10/10 -- Raunchy comedy, my type of humor, lol. :)
  10. I write fanfiction for Harry Potter and the Babysitters Club, lol. :)
  11. Why did everybody pick a car, I wonder, lol. Planes can travel in like 30 minutes, what it takes a car 4 hours to drive, lol. :)
  12. The Batmobile from Batman Begins, the one that the army made for Batman, lol. :)
  13. A guy in a thread asked the opening poster why he smelled and was fat at the same time and someone said that it is because it was fat, lol. :)
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