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  1. Fun fact: The live versions of Mylo were SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the actual album. Lost! and Chinese Sleep Chant say hi.
  2. You're telling me that "Amsterdam is good" is an opinion?
  3. What I'm saying is that although it's a good album, it's not the best. Take a look at AROBTTH. It has a total of 11 tracks, with Daylight and A Whisper being the weakest. Now take a look at VLV. It has a total of 13 tracks, with Cemeteries of London, Lost and Chinese Sleep Chant being the weakest. Now, we've seen teh worst of each album, we must take a look at the best. For AROBTTH, we have Politik, In My Place, GPASUYF, The Scientist, Clocks, Warning Sign, AROBTTH, and Amsterdam being some proper good songs. For VLV, we have 42, Lovers in Japan, Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, Strawber
  4. Correction: The magic of these two is that they're actually good, compared to X&Y and crap like that. Also, VLV is overrated.
  5. See: Mylo Xyloto, X&Y. Both of them have the most number of songs per album (exluding b-sides and bonus content) Are they good? Not even close.
  6. This bit x10000000000000000. Seriously, Talk Show Host ROCKS.
  7. Then I must not exist! The reason I don't like X&Y is because I find the songs on it are incredibly generic and some of them are just really bad (Read: What If, X&Y, Low, Swallowed in the Sea). I literally can't stand the album. It marks where Coldplay (IMO) went bad.
  8. I'll call in Pink Floyd for my own entertainment thank you very much. I really hope that last bit was sarcasm. But muh Rediohed! This post x1000000000000.
  9. Let me tweak that a bit. "THINGS! EXCITEMENT! REACTION .GIFS! ARGUING! LOTS AND LOTS OF GOOD AND BAD MUSIC! CHAOS! So basically business as usual. "
  10. Will be checking it out. A lot of them are due to overation. But yeah, taste. I hope that they produce AROBTTH 2.0. Then they will have redeemed themselves in my eyes. I'm not saying that EVERYTHING post-AROBTTH is bad. There's some good stuff here and there (Read: Ghost Story, DAAHF, Charlie Brown, Twisted Logic). But most of the stuff isn't to my taste. Also, another Politik would be nice. What? Chris likes One Direction? Oh shit we are all screwed. Can't quite argue with that. But why can't they be like Radiohead and have the new things be good?
  11. You build the walls, I'll tear 'em down. Let's start. Take Me to Church: Never heard of it. Can't judge. Turn Down for What: Cheap electronics, complete lack of any coherent sense or lyrics, and all the vocals are is a guy shouting into a mic. Riptide: Nevah heard of it. Stay With Me: Cheesy lyrics, annoying vocals, and oh yeah, romance related. Don't: It's Ed Sheeran. That's a bad enough thing. 'Nuff said. Black Space: It's Taylor Swift. That's a bad enough thing. 'Nuff said. Uptown Funk: Never heard of it. 0-100: It's Drake. That's a bad enough thing. 'Nuff said. Beyonce's
  12. "No need to be mean" Let's start with you. No sarcasm or anything there, but seriously. Your reply was obnoxious as hell. Who on earth says "I was (insert action here) before you were born."? Seriously. "You don't like DarkSide? Or you don't like Coldplay?" I like both. But to be more specific, I like pre-X&Y era Coldplay. So Parachutes and AROBTTH. "And yes, before you born would be more than accurate if you were born in 1996❤️" Fun fact: you need to work on your grammar. There should be a "were" in between "you" and "born". And don't get me started on how annoying I find emotico
  13. By "before you born" you mean 2005 right? Because I was born in 1996. (Read: dalekslayer96) Also, your grammatical errors and taste in music really isn't helping justify or prove your statement.
  14. Seriously, you're being too nice. The day I started listening to things that were non-Coldplay was the day I realized that their new stuff is unacceptably bad. I mean, seriously, go take a listen to Dark Side of the Moon and OK Computer and you'll see what I'm talking about. This post x10000. Seriously, this is true. Mainstream pop is shiiiit now. Look at this year. The number of atrocities we've had. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, I can go on and on, but I won't because there is no end.
  15. Oh. So the baby slid down the stairs and drank the milk like no shit happened?
  16. Wut iz heppenin to muh gost stora?
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