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  1. But it's true! I really lost my phone inside our university last March. :bigcry:Anyway, super thanks to you, batman! Sorry for overreacting. I just thought there's a corresponding punishment for this. Haha! Keep rockin, Batman! Thanks again! :batman::batman::batman::batman::batman::batman::batman:
  2. Oops! I'm so sorry, Batman!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that it's illegal! :disappointed: My sincerest apologies, Batman! I am really sorry. :bigcry::bigcry::bigcry::bigcry::bigcry:
  3. Hello, Diogo! :) Yes! I would love to!!!!!! :) I'll send you a message for my e-mail. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! :)
  4. Hello! Yes! I would love to!!!!!!!! :) I'll send you a message for my e-mail. Thank you so much!!!! :)
  5. Hello, Diogo! Thanks, too! And you're welcome! Have a nice day! :)
  6. Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I last logged in here on Coldplaying.com due to school errands. :( Anyway, I have this problem of having a hard time in finding links for fast download of Coldplay albums for my phone. Actually, I have it all last year but unfortunately, my phone was stolen together with my SD card where my songs were located. That's why I need to re-download them all in my new phone. I tried searching for sites that offer free downloads but they always end up with redirecting ad pages. Can someone share any safe website where I can download all Coldplay albums in high
  7. It's been a while since I last logged in here on Coldplaying due to school errands. :( I just want to welcome our new members! Hope you all have a great time here with our great admins and great members. :)
  8. You're welcome! :) Sad to say, there are no possible means that I could have any of their albums. I'm still financially unstable as I am still a college student. :( Another, I have no idea on where to find any Coldplay albums here in our country. :(
  9. Congrats! Hope that I could be as lucky as you :'(
  10. Same here, monicab! :) I remember when we used the Crazy Frog song as our music for a dance presentation in school. :D I also regret the fact that I only knew about Coldplay just this previous year, enticed by the same song Viva La Vida. Indeed, X&Y was great, especially the single Speed Of Sound, for it is my favorite among all the songs in the said album. X&Y is definitely worth listening. :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight, monicab! And to Sparky as well for reminding how remarkable the X&Y era was. :)
  11. Hello! My question goes like this: Let's say, there's no Coldplay. What are the things that each of you might be doing today? Like, what profession or hobby would each of you perceive to do in the 21st century if Coldplay happens to be nonexistent? :) I hope I am not the only one wondering about this. :) Thank you! From the Philippines with love, Harlene :)
  12. ME TOO! I could take down all my social media accounts for weeks (except coldplaying) just for the timeline! :D
  13. Welcome Teefro! Have fun! :)
  14. YES! PLEASE COME TO MANILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The boys have never been there and I am very certain that they would love the city with its flourishing pot of cultures and traditions and with the immeasurable warmth and hospitality of the Filipinos. Endowed us the one-of-a-kind chance that we've been longing for! Please please please! ^_^
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