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Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen


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I'm a member of their board. It is sooo fun! you have to try scambaiting yourself if you ever get one of their letters. People on that site are pros though, they've convinced them to start new religions and build church such as "The Church of the Holy Cow" or the "Holy Snappers" and of course the "Order of the red breast" :lol: . The scammers are so stupid though, many many scambaiters have convinced them to send "trophies" or pictures of them holding signs or doing strange things. I'm about to get my first two I believe :D . I've set up two scammers claiming to be Roy Waller (from Matchstick Men ironically), a wealthy businessman living in California. I even made a fake ID, which scammers frequently ask for: 40fecdccf0fff.jpg


:D It's good fun and it helps get rid of scammers, I suggest you try it! :nice:

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