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Free online SMS texts?


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hello...i normally don't post questions like this, coz i normally find things like this myself, but i do'nt really have any idea about phones, and the best services etc...i used to use Lycos or O2 sites for free sms texts, but those sites don't let me anymore, and i was wondering if anyone knew of more sites that i don't have to pay for

:) thank you very much for anyone who replies...unless you're on of the people who reply and say "no...sorry i don't" :wink3: :P

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ah...well, STILL thank you very much...but, i didn't like the terms and conditions :embarrased: i'm a bit fussy...

I don't mind a site that i have to give e-mail address etc..do you know of any of those sites?..

i'm a bit of a pussy cat around Terms and Conditions, they scare me a bit

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