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Alien VS Predator movie bores Tulsa man to death


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Alien Vs Predator, this year's long awaited sequel to the original move has gotten some "bad press" since it's release 2 days ago.


15 year old Henry Jones who's played all the alien, predator, alien vs predator, predator vs alien, alien vs alien, predator vs Mario video games says he LIKED the movie ..


"Especially the part where that big 'THE END' thing comes up on the screen. Popcorn was happenin too, yum. As were my Junior Mints. There was a lot of action though. Incredible special effects. All the time I was there pretending I was playing my real XBOX alien game. Only that got boring so I hung out in the lobby most of the time playing Donkey Kong Junior."



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Guest DavidG

Hmmm, I sure it wont be amazing, but i guess its a preference to taste right?


I mean Resident Evil got crappy reviews and that was directed and produced by the same guy and I really liked that, and I am going to see the sequel. So maybe I'll like this too! I hope so! I've been waiting for it for ages!

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If Ridley Scott, or James Cameron who did the two best alien movies, and John McTernan who did Predator, the people who made Aliens and Predator what they are in the cult movie world, then this movie would be really damn good.


But this is done by the guy who made the movie Mortal Kombat.

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Guest LiquidSky

The movie was funny though...when they are fighting..and another thing that happens in the movie.. :smug: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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