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A penguin's driving down to the beach

Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG




A penguin's driving down to the beach, he's driving along listening to his music when all of a sudden his car breaks down. Luckily he's near a garage and not to far from the beach.


The penguin pushes the car into the garage and walks on down to the sea. It's a hot day so he jumps in from a swim.


The penguin splashes around for a bit before deciding he wants an ice cream. He walks up to the ice cream man and orders a huge cone. Just as he lifts his arm up to eat it, he notices his watch. It's getting on a bit, he should get back to the garage.


The penguin gobbles the ice cream up in one go, it goes all over his face his beak everywhere. He runs up to the mechanic and asks;


'How's it look'


The mechanic replies; 'You've blown a seal'


'NO! It's just ice cream, honest!'

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



omg, thats a classic, ive heard one that finishes like that:


An Eskimo is driving his skidoo when unexpectently, it breaks down. So he takes it to the nearest garage. The mechanic just happens to be a New Zealander.

The mechanic looks at the skidoo for a sec and says, "Looks like you've blown a seal."

The Eskimo looks disgusted and angrily replies, "Well you f--k sheep!"


Its not as funny as above... but still

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