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Sapphic Cows!!!

Guest DavidG

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Scientists in Australia are to study the world's last remaining wild herd of cows in an attempt to reveal why those in captivity show lesbian tendencies.


In a study that is set to flare up the "nature/nurture" debate once again, the researchers from the University of Queensland will travel to Malaysia to study the herd.


They say that, amongst other things, they hope to discover why female cows mount each other during their fertile periods.


If the wild animals also show interest in same-sex behaviour, they claim they will be able to see that domestication has no impact on sexual tendencies.


Additionally, such an outcome would suggest that same-sex attraction is naturally inherent in some species, and would support those studies that claim homosexuality stems from genetic differences


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Nature vs. Nuture? :P who knows? maybe they'll find out, I doubt it though :lol:

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