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Please help me identify which remix this is!


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A couple weeks back I heard a radio station play a remix of a coldplay song that featured a man with a british/cockney accent slow-rapping a story overtop of the original coldplay song. The original vocals were completely removed, and I don't think the music had been altered too much. I think it was telling a story about the man breaking up with his girlfriend or something. It was really very good, but the dj said it wouldn't be available anywhere and I didn't catch the artist of the remix. I forget which coldplay song it was a remix of, only that it had to be one of their popular singles because I recognized the music and I'm only a casual fan.


If any of this rings a bell with someone, could you please identify which song/remix it was? I've been searching everywhere, and it would be greatly appreciated.

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it sounds like dry your eyes feat chris martin or something like that.


Yes, that's exactly what it is. I was incorrect about it being a Coldplay remix. After some research I've discovered that what I'm looking for is the special version of 'Dry your Eyes' by The Streets that features Chris Martin. I'm currently searching madly for a place to download it.


Thanks for the help.

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